Squadron On The Rhine

Squadron On The Rhine
Squadron On The Rhine

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Video: Castles Along the Rhine River: From Bingen to Koblenz | Germany's Upper Middle Rhine Valley by Drone 2023, February

The Port of Duisburg is the largest non-maritime industrial harbor in Europe (the city is located at the confluence of the Rhine and Ruhr). In the 1960s, the area fell into disrepair, but now, following the implementation of the master plan for renovation developed by the Bureau of Norman Foster, it is again attractive for residential and commercial development.

The construction of the office buildings was carried out by the German firm Köbl-Kruse (Essen), which announced the cost of the project at 50 million euros. The useful area of ​​the complex is 23,500 sq. m.

The crenellated volume consists of five seven-storey towers connected by glazed passages.

They are oriented towards the Rhine, which made it possible to plan all the offices so that their windows face the river. The towers, ellipsoidal in plan, resemble the prows of ships docked.

The German architectural firm "Bahl & Partner" has developed a night lighting system based on LED technology for the complex. Facade with an area of ​​660 sq. m is divided into 80 color fields, each of which will be illuminated according to its own light and color program.

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