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The unpleasant incident reported by the BBC was, however, without casualties. It happened just a few weeks after the end of the period of responsibility of the builders for all the shortcomings.

The oak bar was kept in its upper bracing; one lower bolt is missing and the other is broken. It is assumed that the bolt had jammed during construction or inspection, and when someone tried to pull it out, the head turned off instead. Now parliamentary sessions have been moved to another building until mid-May.

It is noteworthy that during the final check, 890 (!) Various minor imperfections of the builders were identified, but the overlaps did not cause any complaints.

The main problem is the financing of repairs: during the construction of the parliamentary complex, the budget was exceeded 11 times, and spending additional state funds on serious repairs in the new building would attract even more unfavorable public attention to it. Despite being awarded the Stirling Prize, the Scottish Parliament building regularly ranks among the ten most popular, but also the least favorite buildings in the UK according to public opinion polls.

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