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Video: How commercial real estate is responding to the Covid-19 crisis. Allsop Webinar July 2020 2023, February

The reason for such a deal, according to the architect, was the lack of work for him in the UK. Six years ago, Alsop received the Sterling Award for his Peckham Library building in southeast London. But since then he has not been able to get a single state order, for example, for a hospital or school building. His projects, which have undeniable architectural qualities, seemed to the municipal authorities too expensive and even fantastic. At the same time, they invited Olsop for the sake of creating a non-standard solution, which then seemed to them excessively original.

Such projects include the multipurpose community center "Cloud" in the port of Liverpool, a plan to encircle the town of Barnsley with a wall similar to the Tuscan cities - to seal its development. These works can even be called ingenious, but due to the sharply negative reaction from customers in the UK, a kind of vacuum has formed around Alsop.

As a result, his workshop began to generate a loss (despite successful projects in Canada, USA, China), and he had to sell it for 1.8 million pounds. The buying company will now be named SMC Alsop.

Will Alsop himself said that he did not consider such a development of events to be tragic. He really wants to work in the UK and with the support of SMC capital it will be easier for him to compete even with leaders of the profession like Norman Foster.

SMC representatives are also pleased with the deal: as Alsop will retain creative independence, their firm will acquire the image of a creative association.

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