First Automated Garage In North America

First Automated Garage In North America
First Automated Garage In North America

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Video: FIRST 100% Electric DOUBLE DECKER in North America | TOUR !! 2023, February

Jameson House Tower is the first multi-family apartment building designed by a British architect in North America. Along with the apartments located from the 14th to the last, 37th floor, office space and shops are planned in the building.

The innovative garage is an invention that has been used in Europe for a long time - more than 40 years. The driver puts his car on a special lift, gets out of it, inserts the card into the elevator reader, and his car is lowered down and stored. To pick up the car, you need to wait for its return no more than one and a half minutes after the request.

The building itself will appear in the old quarter of Vancouver: its construction will be combined with the reconstruction of the Seperley Ronesfell building located almost under it in 1921, as well as the historic facade of the Royal Financial building will be preserved.

131 apartments (including penthouses on the top two floors) range in size from a modest 55 sq. m up to 330. The rounded shape of the upper part of the building made it possible to create an exquisite curvilinear layout inside; there are views of Vancouver Harbor. Jameson House is a rare case of a holistic approach for Foster's workshop: they not only completed the building design, but also took up the interior design. Of particular interest is the kitchen, created in cooperation with the Italian company Dada: its elements can be easily transformed and changed in height, depending on the current tasks.

The building will be built in compliance with all environmental requirements and is expected to even exceed the requirements of the international LEED certification® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).

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