Three Tricks For Buying Ceramic Tiles

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Three Tricks For Buying Ceramic Tiles
Three Tricks For Buying Ceramic Tiles

Video: Three Tricks For Buying Ceramic Tiles

Video: Three Tricks For Buying Ceramic Tiles
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In order not to get into a mess when buying a finishing material for the floor, it is important to understand this issue well and know what to expect from the manufacturer. Nobody asks you to be an expert, but in some aspects of the topic it is still important to be aware. There are several important tricks that will allow you to buy quality tiles inexpensively and be proud of yourself, as well as enjoy the new interior design. We offer you several useful life hacks that simplify the task by one or two.

Life hack 1: high quality at a low price

The first trick: domestic porcelain stoneware will be cheaper. Of course, Italian and Spanish tiles are a celebration of style and a very good reason to show off to your guests. However, we must be well aware that the cost of imported goods already includes spending:

  • transportation services to Russia;
  • customs clearance for the domestic market.

That is why its price for Spanish or Turkish tiles is always higher. Why pay, relatively speaking, for the carrier's gasoline, if you can buy local tiles without these markups and end up with a high-quality product?

Life hack 2: the least waste of time

In order not to "kill" a whole or several days to choose and purchase tiles, it is best to use the following scheme:

  1. Go to the company's website.
  2. You are studying the catalog with descriptions, prices and pictures.
  3. Make a choice remotely and go to the store to evaluate it personally.

Such a sequence of actions one hundred percent guarantees you an excellent result. Plus, in this way, you can learn everything about the product yourself, without resorting to contact with the seller.


Life hack 3: where you buy

If you do not yet know where you will buy your ideal tile, then you should start your search on the Internet. You can find absolutely everything online. However, it often takes a lot of time, which is sometimes a shame to waste.

We give you good advice: store will solve the problem of choice. In addition, it boasts:

  • really democratic prices;
  • the widest selection of collections;
  • a shop with a highly professional team.

Using life hack number 2, you can buy exactly what you want to see every day in your favorite apartment. In addition, the catalog of this store contains a huge number of offers from domestic manufacturers.

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