"Kvadrats" On The Daugava

"Kvadrats" On The Daugava
"Kvadrats" On The Daugava

Video: "Kvadrats" On The Daugava

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Video: Abandoned factory : "Red Square".Заброшенный завод "Sarkanais Kvadrats" 2023, January

The task for the participants of the competition of ideas was not only the general concept of building the territory, but also a specific plan for the reconstruction of the industrial zone of the Kvadrats plant. Till Schneider and Michael Schumacher won in both nominations. In addition to them, the bureau AllesWirdGut from Vienna, Ghilardi + Hellsten from Oslo, Forma and Valenius un Stepe from Riga, Cologne's Lorber und Paul and Monolab took part in the event held by the authorities of the Latvian capital. from Rotterdam.

The idea of ​​the architects "Schneider + Schumacher" is based on the use of the existing spatial solution of residential development between Moskavas and Daugava streets, emphasized by separate new "inclusions". It is planned to preserve the current open, park-like layout with a lot of greenery. New buildings will blend in style with existing ones, adding new features to them.

The proposal for the reconstruction of the former industrial zone involves the emergence of new shopping centers, office complexes and, on the river bank, residential buildings. Existing buildings, very different in appearance, will be united by cubic "superstructures".

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