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In 1966, Utzon was suspended from his project due to financial disagreements with the Australian authorities. The architects, who continued the construction of the theater, relocated the opera house inside the building, and also added several more auditoriums, which were initially unplanned, to the project.

As a result, the main hall of the opera house has mediocre acoustic qualities due to its insufficient size, some musicians of his orchestra have to sit at a depth of 12 m compared to the stage, and ballerinas leaving the stage need to be insured so that they do not hit the concrete walls: in order for them to be able to stop themselves, simply not.

Utzon now proposes to lower the floor level of the hall by 4 meters, using the space of the administrative and technical premises below it, and for them, in turn, cut out new compartments in the rocky sandstone base on which the theater stands. This will improve the sound of the music, and there will be more free space behind the stage.

Jorn Utzon himself will not be able to come from Denmark to Sydney: at his 88 years old, it will be too difficult for him. If the authorities approve the project, his son Ian will oversee the implementation of the project.

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