Theater Daedalus And Other Architectural Awards

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Theater Daedalus And Other Architectural Awards
Theater Daedalus And Other Architectural Awards

Video: Theater Daedalus And Other Architectural Awards

Video: Theater Daedalus And Other Architectural Awards
Video: AJ Architecture Awards 2018 2023, December

Handing over the crystal prism, President of the Union of Architects of Russia Yuri Gnedovsky said that the jury argued a lot, and also said that he personally abstained from voting, did not vote for the theater, because Sergei Gnedovsky is his relative, namely his cousin. But since everything turned out that way, he is sincerely glad to congratulate his relative on the award - and by the way, another relative works in the workshop of Sergei Gnedovsky …

The building of the Pyotr Fomenko Theater is already well known, described in detail in the professional press, strictly speaking, and there is nothing special to add. It seems to me similar to the theater of Natalia Sats on Vernadsky Avenue, only much smaller, more modest and with a cut off top. It was a wonderful work of late Soviet modernism, only now, it seems, thirty years have passed since its inception. The tradition is alive, it cannot but rejoice, but only it has become somewhat smaller. Generally speaking, it is difficult to reproach the theater building for anything, but, like last year, it is difficult to recognize this work as really the most noticeable one built in the country in 2006-2008 (this period was announced in the Zodchestvo competition). It remains to assume that it was noted, firstly, for its function - few public buildings are being built now, everything is better than a restaurant or a store, and secondly, for the aforementioned purity of style and loyalty to the forms of the 1970s.

For some reason, “Zodchestvo” always evoked a feeling of a certain surreptitiousness in me, the unreality of what was happening. From year to year I expect that I will get used to it, but it does not get any easier. You enter the Manege hall, there folklore groups dance their hopak, and a couple of hours later, in the middle of the award ceremony, a young Internet phenomenon and also a graduate of the Moscow Architectural Institute Pyotr Nalich sings for half an hour (last year Andrey Makarevich was in his place). The main thing is that everyone is delighted there and there, and it is not clear who is joking. However, this is probably an inevitable feature of life after postmodernism - when it is not clear who is joking and how much. Everyone in the hall greets acquaintances with the words - "Well, how is your crisis?", And the president of the union, Yuri Gnedovsky, opens the awards ceremony something like this: "We had difficult years, and now the era of economic growth is coming" ?

In the rest of the awards ceremony, Zodchestvo behaved as usual, sharpening and exacerbating the sense of déjà vu in some unconscious spectators (most of the people in the hall are traditionally diploma recipients, traditionally delighted and filled with deep satisfaction from high awards). Simple diplomas, as always, were issued around the corner and in batches. Difficult diplomas were also issued in batches, namely three for bronze, silver and gold. There are so many awards that it is just right to collect those who were not awarded - for comparison. Medals on a blue ribbon with the furious title "for high (!) Architectural (!!) skill" were given out in number six (last year there were three, half as many): Margarita Gavrilova, Sergei Gnedovsky, Mikhail Mamoshin, Mikhail Khazanov (who did not come with an award), Vladimir Yudintsev and Nikita Yavein.

Generally speaking, the success of St. Petersburg that was outlined at the stands of buildings / projects took place in the collection of diplomas - Mikhail Mamoshin and Nikita Yavein practically did not leave the stage. Among the gold diplomas for the construction are Evgeny Gerasimov / Sergei Tchoban's “house by the sea” and the Strogino station of Metrogiprotrans. Among the silver diplomas - "Picturesque Bridge" by Nikolai Shumakov (Metrogiprotrans), restoration of "Kuzmink", the congress hall of the Republic of Bashkortostan. Bronzes were awarded to the ski "pipe" - the center of all-season sports in Krasnogorsk, Mikhail Khazanov (which seems to me a small reward for such a building), as well as the building of Vladimir Yudintsev on Tsvetnoy Boulevard, built on the site of a demolished apartment building (which for this house seems to me to be several exaggerated, the apartment building was not so-so, but better), and a multifunctional complex on the street. Academician Pavlov in St. Petersburg Mikhail Mamoshin. Before presenting the diplomas, the chairman of the jury for buildings, Viktor Logvinov, defined projects as "soul", and buildings as "soul together with body" - a good comparison that gives rise to speculation - for example, which building has more soul, and which more body, or else it would be good to say about some house - "in which the soul is kept."

The diplomas for the projects were handed out by Mikhail Mamoshin, who declared his part of the jury a “creative team”. Gold for the projects section was awarded to the multifunctional complex on Pushinskaya Square by Andrey Bokov, Dmitry Podyapolsky and others, Mikhailovskaya Dacha by Nikita Yavein. The third among the gold diplomas was a house in the village of Bardzikau in Alanya - the very reconstruction of a mountain Alan estate with a tower, which we mentioned two days ago. The authors - the architectural studio "Style", GAP Oleg Priputnev - have already received awards at the "Zodchestvo", although they are quite young. But it should be noted that this year there were several Alanian projects and most of them looked attractive.

Silver for projects was awarded: "Golden Mile in Anapa" by architect Sergei Oreshkin from St. Petersburg, apart-hotel in Gelendzhik Vyacheslav Bogachkin and the project of restoration of the Moscow Board of Trustees. Bronzes: the general plan of Petrozavodsk, made by architects from St. Petersburg, a residential complex in St. Petersburg Zemtsova / Kondiaina, and a project for the restoration of a 10th century temple in the village of Bzyb in Abkhazia. On closer examination, the last project seemed to me one of the most fascinating at Zodchestvo: its authors propose, after preserving the ruins of the temple and contouring the four pillars and domed arches, to demonstrate the reconstruction of the crowning part - the temple head and the upper parts of the walls - in the form of a hologram. Once this was offered for the HHS in Moscow. It would be interesting if this experiment could be carried out. In this case, it seems to me that bronze is not enough for such a project.

In addition to the main diplomas, two groups of additional awards were offered by the UIA and the Academy of Arts. However, Yuri Platonov, who was going to present the ISA diplomas, did not come to the ceremony, and the award did not take place. And the academy, which has an architectural department, awarded the restorers who worked on the luxurious pseudo-Russian interiors of the Stalinist hotel "Leningradskaya", the residential complex of the Mining Institute in St. Petersburg and the temple of Elijah the Prophet on the Amur.

When awarding workshops, the jury decided to select pairs of private workshop - institute in order to maintain parity in two very different weight categories. Gold diplomas were received by A-Len (in my opinion, quite rightly, this workshop has been forming the strong side of the exhibition for several years now) and the Research and Development Institute of the General Plan. It's a curious couple, isn't it? A silver diploma was awarded to the Archigraph bureau of Maxim Shirnin and to Mosproekt-4 of Andrey Bokov (somehow not enough …). As usual, many cities and regions were awarded - well, they come with their stands largely for the sake of these diplomas, which are so good to show to the administration afterwards. Of the many, it is worth noting two - a gold diploma in Nizhny Novgorod for resilience in resisting administrative and financial pressure (I quote approximately) and with a similar wording - who do you think? - Moscow! She, it turns out, also resists. However, Moscow is big, who knows who they meant. Really behind the stand with Tsaritsyn? Maybe this is a diploma for resisting Tsaritsyn, and the stand is an illustration?

Concluding this list of the vicissitudes of architectural diplomas, I express my sincere hope to acquaint readers with the complete list of the awardees, as soon as the organizers deem it necessary to provide it.

30.10.2008. Below we publish the full list of awardees provided by the organizers of the festival. It can also be seen on the festival page.

Results of the 2006-2008 architectural works review-competition



(6 completed projects)

Theater "Workshop Pyotr Fomenko"

(Moscow, Taras Shevchenko emb., 29)

architects Gnedovsky S. V. (GAP), Gavrilova M. M., Barsukova O. B., Krylov M. Yu., Zakharov I. S. sculptor Krasulin A. N.

Chief Designer Gnedovskiy S. Yu.

LLC "Architecture and Cultural Policy PNKB" (Moscow)

Construction organization "Glavmosstroy"

Residential complex with built-in parking "House by the Sea"

(St. Petersburg, Krestovsky Island, Martynova emb., 62-74)

team leaders E. L. Gerasimov and Choban S. E.

architects Kaverin O. V. (GAP), Orlov A. S., Zaitsev D. A., Olufs P., Gubkin F., Markov I. G.

Chief Designer Reznichenko M. Ya.

Designers Smirnova T. E., Grigoriev D. O.

Chief Project Engineer Anpilov A. S.

LLC "Evgeny Gerasimov & Partners" (St. Petersburg) together with "NPS Choban, Voss GBR Architect BDA" (Berlin)

Engineering sections of LLC "MGP"

Construction organization LLC "NSK-Monolit"

Station "Strogino" of the Mitinsko-Stroginskaya line of the Moscow Metro

architects Orlov A. Yu., Nekrasov A. V., Sycheva V. O.

engineer P. V. Morozov, designers N. M. Kudryavtseva, M. V. Chernova

JSC "Metrogiprotrans" (Moscow)

Construction organization LLC "Transinzhstroy"

Congress Hall of the Republic of Bashkortostan

(Ufa, Frunze St., 2)

head of the team of authors, architect Mullagildin R. U.

architects Kyokazu Arai, Ishikava Goshi, Israfilov A. F., Akhmadeeva I. T., Pryima E. G., Almaev R. R., Devyaterikov E. B., Krivitskaya A. S., Chikova V. S.

Chief designer Kichaeva N. M., design engineers Gorbulina V. G., Aminova N. V.

"RAUM Architects" (LLC "RAUM Architects")

LLC General Contracting Trust "Bashkortostanneftezavodstroy"

Bridge crossing "Zhivopisny" across the Moskva River with an observation deck (restaurant)

on the section of the Zvenigorodskoye Highway from the Moscow Ring Road to Marshal Zhukov Avenue

architects Shumakov N. I., Shurygina N. V., Erokhin D. A.

constructors Monov B. N., Shishov O. V., Labuzov D. V., Gorbachev S. E., Khilkevich D. G.

Co-authors architects Trusilova N. S., Miroshkina E. Yu.

JSC "Metrogiprotrans" (Moscow)

Construction organization JSC "Metrostroy"

Apartment building

(St. Petersburg, street 10-ya Sovetskaya, 4-6)

architects Yavein N. I., Parfenov V. I. (GAP), Razumova Zh. V.

with the participation of Barykina E. V., Ivanov G. V., Kobozeva E. V., Skorik A. S., Usova L. B.

Designers Bondarev Yu. V., Lyashko I. N.

AM "Studio 44" (St. Petersburg)

Construction organization JSC GRST No. 1


(4 completed projects)

Restoration of the monuments of the Kuzminki estate

(Moscow, South-Eastern District)

GAP Vorontsova E. A., Chief Engineer Dugin A. A.

architects Alexandrova N. V., Yurgens I. N., Golovina A. M., Povorova O. P.

engineers Kabanova V. M., Soroker E. Yu., Yuzhakov Yu. L.

State Unitary Enterprise TsNRPM MK RF (Moscow)

Construction organization LLC "Masterskaya Vlasova"

All-season ski complex

(Moscow region, Krasnogorsk district, Pavshinskaya floodplain)

architects Alekseev V. N., Afanasyev N. K., Berezovskaya O. L., Bespalko A. A., Boyko D. A., Velichkina M. L., Gotsev N. I., Kolos L. V., Kuzmenko K. M., Mestetskaya E. D., Nikishin P. Yu., Rebrova M. A., Skovorodnikova E. Yu., Soloviev B. V., Topcheeva L. I., Khazanov M. D. (project manager)

Designers V. M. Vainshtein (project manager), N. V. Kancheli (project manager), Mityukov M. M., Timofeevich A. V., Tsvetkov Yu. V.

Engineers Smirnov L. L., Mironova Z. A., Gansgorie V. F., Yuriev V. F., Pchelkina M. N., Karpenchuk N. A., Holod V. D., Perchenok M. B. (ISU), Bobtsova N. V. (ISU)

General Director Gorokhov N. P.

ZAO "Kurortproekt" (Moscow)

Construction organization CJSC "SU-155"

Administrative building

(Moscow, Tsvetnoy Blvd. vl. 32, bldg. 1)

Architects V. P. Yudintsev (GAP), Gagiev A. R., Burgandinova M. V.

designer Shvetsov N. N., engineer Zhelezova M. A.

LLC Architectural workshop "ARTE +" (Moscow)

Construction organization LLC "Inzhenergoservice"

Multifunctional office complex

(St. Petersburg, Petrogradskiy district, st. Academika Pavlova, 5, letter A)

Head of the group of authors M. A. Mamoshin, architects Bogatyreva A. Kh., Petukhova N. M., Mamoshina V. V., Sokolov I. M., Shkinch Zh. K.

designer Feder M. R., engineer Shmaev E. P.

LLC "Architectural Workshop Mamoshin" (St. Petersburg)

Construction organization CJSC "Remstroy-7"

DIPLOMA OF THE UNION OF ARCHITECTS (11 completed projects)

Reconstruction and restoration of the complex of buildings of the Church of the Nativity of John the Baptist

(Nizhny Novgorod, Rozhdestvenskaya st., 1)

Scientific supervisor of the project Naydenko V. V.

Project manager V. P. Kamaldinov, chief architect of the project Vidmanov I. B.

Architect-restorer I. S. Agafonova

ZAO Territorial Investment Company Stary Nizhny Novgorod

Construction companies LLC SK "Unistroy" and LLC "Mezhregionstroy NN"

Restoration of the hotel "Leningradskaya"

(Moscow, Kalanchevskaya st., 21/40)

Chief Architect T. F. Averina, F. V. Kuznetsov

Project manager Pavlova E. V., architect Rabinovich M. Ya., Grigorieva I. I., Shishkin K. Yu.

Process Engineer A. V. Tikhomirov

LLC "Firma ARS 'S" (Moscow)

Reconstruction of the Kuznetsovsky building of the Moscow Architectural Institute

(Moscow, Rozhdestvenka st., 11, building 1)

architects Nekrasov A. B. (GAP), Tsybaikin A. A.

designer Belov S. A.

Scientific consultant A. P. Kudryavtsev

PIO MARCHI "Rozhdestvenka +" (Moscow)

Construction company DVM-Stroy LLC

Residential building with built-in premises and underground parking

(St. Petersburg, Nevsky prospect 152)

architects Gerasimov E. L. (head of the team of authors), O. V. Kaverin (GAP), Orlov A. S., Menshikova E. A., Gvozdik A. G.

Chief designer Reznichenko M. Ya., designer Ryzhova S. V.

Chief executive officer Aksenova M. V.

LLC "Evgeny Gerasimov and Partners" (St. Petersburg)

Engineering sections of JSC "Klimatprof"

Construction organization CJSC "Monolitstroy-3"

Residential building with semi-deep parking and built-in premises

(St. Petersburg, Graftio st., 5)

architect Oreshkin S. I. (project manager), Andreeva R. V. (GAP), Kovalenko T. B., Yablokov A. E., Bespalov A. Yu., Vasilyeva N. A., Petrukhno E. V.

Chief Designer Rovinsky V. A., Designer Vorobyeva L. M.

LLC PPF "A. Len" (St. Petersburg)

The customer and the construction company "Petersburg real estate"

Residential complex "Vladimirsky"

(Belgorod, st. Kostyukova)

Architects: Pertsev V. V., Turchenko V. A., Anisimova A. V., Valeev T. T., Khromov M. A., Tsvetkova N. N.

Institute "Ukrgorstroyproekt" (Kharkiv)

Construction organization CJSC "TRANSYUZHSTROY"

Residential building of variable number of storeys on the street. Turgenev-Ussuriyskiy blvd. in Khabarovsk

Architect A. V. Aleshchenko

Chief Designer Kanishchev M. A.

LLC PF "Zodchestvo" (Khabarovsk)

Multifunctional complex "Gallery ART"

(Ufa, st. Chernyshevsky)

Head of the workshop D. A. Vinkelman

Architect L. V. Varypaeva

With the participation of architects: Serov V. V., Ozhiganova I. S.

Chief Engineer E. Lukmanov

CJSC TAF "Archproject" (Ufa)

Construction organization LLC "Bashspetsgeostroy"

Sports and recreation center in the closed city of Rybachy, Kamchatka Territory

Architect: V. B. Khakhaev

Designers: Shepko V. I., Dvornikov V. A., Zlobina Z. Sh., Dvuhzhilova E. V.

Chief Engineer Tikhankov G. G.

Interior design architects: Khakhaev V. B., Gorbach N. V., Groshev D. V., Shish M. A.

JSC "52 CPI" (Khabarovsk)

Orthodox Temple in the name of the Presentation of the Lord

(St. Petersburg, block 57, at the intersection of Lunacharsky and Grazhdansky avenues)

Architect: Chelbogashev G. K.

LLC "Chelbogashev and Co Architects" (St. Petersburg)

Construction organization Parish of the Presentation of the Lord

Reconstruction of an administrative building for an office complex of the "VIPOIL" holding

1st stage (Volgograd, Hiroshima St., 18)

Architects: Chuikov A. V. (GAP), Usmanova R. I., Volodkin A. V., Pochevalov A. V.

Chief Engineer Khanov A. E.

LLC "Modern-Project" (Volgograd)

General contractor "VIPOILstroinvest" LLC

Results of the 2006-2008 architectural works review-competition

Review-competition of architectural works 2005-2007

section PROJECTS


(authors of 3 projects were awarded)

Multifunctional complex on the territory of the reconstructed quarter No. 243

(Pushkinskaya Square), Moscow

architects Bokov A. V. (head of the team of authors), Podyapolsky D. S. (GAP), Lenok V. Ya. (GAP), Semenova K. A., Efremova O. A., Keskevich G. V., Kondrat'ev S. V., Kozobrod E. E.

State Unitary Enterprise MNIIP "Mosproekt-4" (Moscow)

The project of creating a suburban campus of the Graduate School of Management of St. Petersburg State University on the territory of the palace and park ensemble "Mikhailovskaya Dacha"

Architects: Yavein N. I (head of the team of authors), (GAP), V. A. Romantsev (GAP), Razumova J. F. (GAP), Parfenov V. I. (GAP), Architects-restorers G. V. Mikhailov (LLC "ASM"), Odintsova L. A. (JSC "SPb Institute" Lenproektrestavratsiya "), Kuzevanov O. A. (LLC "Architectural workshop" Studio 44 "), Designers Kurbatov O. A., Lyashko I. N.

LLC "Architectural workshop" Studio 44"

Residential building in the village of Barzikau, North Ossetia-Alania, village. Barzikau

Architects: O. I. Priputnev (head of the team of authors), Khugaeva L. I., Kudziev T. V., Kolesova O. M., Kodzasova A. E., Tsakhoeva N. A.

STYLE LLC (Vladikavkaz)


(authors of 3 projects were awarded)

The concept of the development of the complex "Golden Mile"

Anapa, the alluvial territory of the Vityazevsky estuary

Architects Oreshkin S. I. (project manager), Yablokov A. E., Oreshkina E. S.

LLC "Design and Production Company" A. Len "(St. Petersburg)

Multifunctional complex - apart-hotel with residential buildings, RF, Krasnodar Territory, Gelendzhik, Lunacharskogo st., Property 93

Architects: Bogachkin V. V. (head of the group of authors), Arkhipov A. E. (GAP), Bogachkin N. V. (GAP), Melikyan A. A. (GAP), Ryzhkova V. V., Bogachkina A. E., Krutilin A. Yu., Kamyshova O. V. (ISU)

LLC Architectural Bureau "Bogachkin and Bogachkin" (Moscow)

Restoration project "Monument of architecture of the XIX century. Board of Trustees, Moscow, Solyanka st., 14"

Architects: Stepanova E. V. (author, GAP), Vlaskova I. V., Balashova E. Kh., Gensitsky V. V., Sycheva E. Yu., Zhelyabova A. I., with the participation of: Rostotskaya O. V., Kitaygorodskaya A. B., Potapova E. Yu.

Gustova A. N. (author, process engineer), Shtaveman A. B. (author, design engineer)

LLC "Restorator-M" (Moscow)


(authors of 3 projects were awarded)

General plan of Petrozavodsk

(Republic of Karelia, Petrozavodsk)

Sedlukha L. G. (head of the team of authors, GAP), Alieva G. V. (head of APM-2), Sokolov S. I. (scientific supervisor of the project), Grebenyuk A. D. (head of engineering sections), Voronova O. V. (GIP), Novikova L. N. (economist), Khmelnitsky A. V. (chief specialist), Idrisova D. I. (engineer).

Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Russian State Research and Design Institute of Urban Studies" (FSUE "RosNIPI Urbanistics")

Residential complex with built-in premises and underground parking

at the address: St. Petersburg, Yuri Gagarin Ave., 7

Architects of ZiK AB: Kondiain M. O. (head of the group of authors, GAP), Potankin A. N. (GIP), Zemtsov Yu. I., Beznosova O. V.

Designer Shapiro A. V. (ZAO NPO Georekonstruktsiya-Fundamentproekt)

ZAO Architectural Bureau "Zemtsov, Kondiain and Partners"

The project of the restoration of the Bedia temple of the X-XIV centuries. in Abkhazia

Republic of Abkhazia, Ochamchira region

Architects: Mosunov Yu. P. (author, GAP), Tsvitsba S. I. (author), with the participation of the architect Boldyrev A. A., Strelbitsky I. G. (author, GUI), Sizov B. T. (author, process engineer), Kazaryan A. Yu. (author, historian)

State Unitary Enterprise Central Scientific Restoration Design Workshops


(authors of 11 projects were awarded)

Planning project of the central part of the city of Nizhny Novgorod

Architects: Kolontai A. N. (team leader), Tkachenko S. B., Narbaev B. M., Shaydullina E. I., Zhilyakova L. A., Stepanushkin D. V., Shershevsky Yu. Z. (ISU)

State Unitary Enterprise NIIPI of the General Plan of Moscow

General plan of the village of Konstantinovo (Ryazan region, the village of Konstantinovo)

Architects: Zimatova L. S. (head of the team of authors), Alieva G. V., Sedlukha L. G., Engineers: Averkina A. V. (GIP), Mirolyubov E. S. (GIP), Logancheva N. A., Dymskaya E. V., Rogov I. O., Ivanova E. A., with the participation of V. A.

Culturologist: E. M. Radzivilova

Federal State Unitary Enterprise Russian State Research and

Design Institute of Urbanistics "(Federal State Unitary Enterprise" RosNIPIUrbanistiki ")

Individual residential building. St. Petersburg, Kurortny district, pos. Repino

Architects: S. I. Oreshkin (project manager), Nikandrov A. A., Oreshkina E. S.

LLC "Design and Production Company" A. Len"

Museum of A. P. Gaidar, Klin, Moscow region

Architect: Evstropov A. E.

LLC "Management of design works"

Renovation of the temple of the 10th century in the village of Bzyb (Abkhazia)

Architects: V. V. Pishchulina (author, head of the group of authors, GAP), Evenko M. G., Treiman Yu. F., Khodorych T. V., Engineer: Kolesnik V. A. (ISU)

Educational, Scientific and Restoration Center of the Institute of Architecture and Arts of the Southern Federal University (Rostov-on-Don)

Development of urban planning feasibility study (including pre-project proposals and the "project" stage) for the construction of the "Arbatsky Boulevard" complex in Moscow

Architects: Posokhin M. M. (head of the team of authors), Dutlova E. Yu., Belokon A. A., Karavaeva N. I., Lapgart N. R.

State Unitary Enterprise of the City of Moscow Directorate for the Design of Public Buildings and Structures

"Mosproekt-2" named after M. V. Posokhin (Moscow)

Multifunctional recreational complex on the embankment of the Moskva River, JSC, Projected passage, 1824

Asadov A. R. (project manager), Saprichyan K. V. (project manager), A. V. Polishchuk (GAP), Asadov A. A., Zrazhevsky D. A., Poroshkin A. Yu., Poroshkina N. Yu.

Engineers: Fedorov N. A. (GIP), Tarnarutskiy V. A. (chief designer), Travush V. I. (chief designer of a high-rise building, option I "arch")

ANO "Project-KS" (Moscow)

A. Asadov Architectural Workshop LLC (Moscow)

The project of regeneration of the historical center of the city of Smolensk

Architects: Kameneva T. I. (project manager), Denisov A. M. (GAP), Engineer: Prytkov I. V.

LLC "VPNRK" ("Leading design research and restoration company"), Moscow

Two-level parterre, including a medical building. Sanatorium-estate complex Voronovo, at the address Moscow region, Podolsk district, village Voronovo

Architects: Vasilevsky I. A. (head of the team of authors), Buruleva N. V., Kovalev Yu. G., Astafurov I. A., Engineers: A. P. Semukhin (GIP), Malts V. I., Chernoukhova T. I.

ZAO "Kurortproekt" (Moscow)

Water sports complex on the street. Baikal in Irkutsk

Architects: E. I. Grigorieva (head of the team of authors), Nosova N. A., Kozak A. I.

OJSC "Irkutskgrazhdanproekt"

Development of the island "Sri Lanka"

Location: UAE, Dubai, Mir archipelago, Sri Lanka island

Architects: A. V. Ginzburg (author, head of the group of authors), Markus K. B. (GAP), Dzhavadova D. L., Valeev E. I., Golubenko M. V., Gorgolevsky P. Yu., Pushkina N. A., Rudenko N. V., Visualizers: Valeev E. I., Mikhalitsyn S. V.

LLC "Ginsburg Architects" (Moscow)

Special award DIPLOMA OF THE UNION OF ARCHITECTS for a significant contribution to the development of urban planning and urbanism in Russia was awarded

Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Russian State Research and Design Institute of Urban Studies" (FSUE "RosNIPI Urbanistics")

Results of the festival "Zodchestvo-2008" in the section:


"Conceptual projects and sketch ideas on the theme" Historic city and new architecture"

DIPLOMAS of the Union of Architects of Russia were awarded


BOGACHKIN Nikita Vyacheslavovich - Moscow

For the project of the Information Pavilion "INFOPOINT" for the XXIII Architectural Congress of the International Union of Architects

SAFRONOV Fedor Igorevich

PANKEVICH Ekaterina Alexandrovna

VASKINA Natalia Alekseevna - Moscow

For the project of a MULTIFUNCTIONAL RESIDENTIAL COMPLEX on Malaya Filyovskaya Street in Moscow

BOLOTOV Vladimir Petrovich - Chelyabinsk

For the project of the Multifunctional office of the automobile company "Delta Burano" in Moscow

BRONZE Diplomas of the festival were awarded to


KHARINKIN Alen Yurievich

Vasiliev Petr Igorevich - Moscow

For the project of the Office Center on Paveletskaya Embankment

SILVER Diploma of the festival is awarded


DOMNENKO Varvara Borisovna - Moscow

For the project of the Hotel complex "Hotel Hoffman" and the reconstruction of the territory east of Altstadt in Kaliningrad

Awarded with the GOLDEN Diploma of the festival


Olga Alekseevna YATSUK - Moscow

For the project of the Sports and entertainment complex in the center of Kaliningrad "Wagner Square"

A special prize and a GOLDEN Diploma of the festival will be awarded to


YATSUK Evgeniya Alekseevna - Moscow

For the project of the Water Tourist Complex in the structure of the reconstructed center of Kaliningrad


architecture universities and colleges

DIPLOMAS of the Union of Architects of Russia are awarded to:

Evseenko Sergey Yurievich - student of the Belgorod State Technological University named after Shukhov;

Shavalieva Augul Airatovna - student of Kazan State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering;

Giniyatov Ildar Idgaevich - student of Kazan State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering;

Ivanova Ekaterina Aleksandrovna - student of the Kazan State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering;

Leksina Anna Aleksandrovna - student of the Moscow Institute of Architecture;

Bayushev Andrey Vladimirovich - student of the Moscow University of Geodesy and Cartography;

Starshinova Ekaterina Pavlovna - student of the Moscow University of Geodesy and Cartography;

Reshetnyak Olesya Vladislavovna - student of the International Slavic Institute;

Lebedeva Antonina Vladimirovna - student of the Nizhny Novgorod State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering;

Mikushin Egor Alekseevich - student of the Nizhny Novgorod State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering;

Averochkina Ekaterina Nikolaevna - student of the Tambov State Technical University;

Shtempel Kirill Evgenievich - student of the Ulyanovsk State Technical University;

Koryakina Polina Yurievna - student of the Samara State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering.


about architecture and architects"

DIPLOMAS of the Union of Architects of Russia were awarded to:

Tsallagov Soslan Fedorovich (Vladikavkaz) - for the book "Vladikavkaz - a chronicle in stone";

Ponomarev Vladimir Andreevich (Yekaterinburg) - for the textbook "Architectural Design";

Sevan Olga Georgievna (Moscow) - for the book "Painting of residential buildings in the Russian North";

Kapitonov Alexander Mikhailovich, Voloshina Tatyana Petrovna, Sveshnikova Olga Alekseevna, Somova Lyudmila Aleksandrovna, Shabalkin Anton Yurievich (Ulyanovsk) - for the project "Plans of Simbirsk-Ulyanovsk";

Skopin Evgeniy Lvovich (Kirov) - for the book “Monuments of architecture and urban planning of the Kirov region. Belokholunitskiy and Bogorodskiy districts ;

Sapozhnikova Irina Viktorovna (Samara) - for the book "Architectural Encyclopedia of the Provincial City of Samara";

Aleksashina Victoria Vasilievna (Moscow) - for a series of articles on the ecology of architecture;

Troskina Natalia Dmitrievna (Moscow) - for the article "Collecting stones …" in the journal "Heritage of the peoples of the Russian Federation" No. 3 (2007);

Dmitrieva Irina Nikitichna (Moscow) - for the series of articles "The Winter Palace"; "Industrial second-hand" in the magazine "Construction Technologies" (2007 - 2008);

magazine "Industrial and Civil Engineering" (Moscow) - the oldest building magazine in Russia - for loyalty to traditions;

SPEECH magazine (Russia - Germany) opening of the year;

magazine "Project-Baikal" (Irkutsk) - the best regional architectural magazine in Russia.

Bronze diplomas of the festival were awarded to:

Meerovich Mark Grigorievich (Irkutsk) - for a series of books “The Birth of a Social City. Urban planning policy in the USSR. 1926 - 1932"

The silver diploma of the festival was awarded to:

Ghazaryan Armen Yurievich (Moscow) - for the book "The Cathedral of Surb Echmiadzin and the Eastern Christian architecture of the IV-VII centuries";

Kirikov Boris Mikhailovich (St. Petersburg) - for a series of books on the architecture of St. Petersburg: "Architecture of St. Petersburg Art Nouveau", "Architecture of St. Petersburg in the late 19th - early 20th centuries", "Architectural Monuments of St. Petersburg";

Awarded with a gold diploma of the festival:

Shvidkovsky Dmitry Olegovich (Moscow) - for the monograph "Charles Cameron and the architecture of the imperial residences"

Results of the festival "Zodchestvo-2008" in the section:


about architecture and architects"

The diploma of the festival of the Union of Architects of Russia is awarded

Barinov Igor Ivanovich - the author of the film "Tsarskoe Selo" (Moscow).

Bronze diploma of the festival is awarded

Yakovleva Natalia Viktorovna - producer, Troitskaya Olga Pavlovna - cameraman - authors of the film “Venice. Love by correspondence (Moscow).

The silver diploma of the festival is awarded

Ilya Kukin - director of the film "Time to collect stones" (Moscow)

Golden diploma of the festival is awarded

Alexandrov Vladimir Yurievich - author, Komolikov Mikhail Gennadievich, Vasiliev Viktor Evgenievich - directors, Androsova Marina Efimovna, Korshunov Vsevolod Vyacheslavovich - editors, Nikonenko Sergey Petrovich - presenter - FOR the releases "Nerekhta" and "Moscow River Station" of the cycle "Property of the Republic" of the studio of educational programs of the State TV and Radio Company "Culture" (Moscow)


Festival gold diplomas are awarded

1. Nomination: the cultural heritage of Russia in the hands of the young

Children's art school №7 of the city of Perm.

(On the map of the region, young art critics showed all the temples and historical monuments that are now destroyed. The guys met with old-timers and local historians. Their work was reflected in the study.)

2. Nomination: The future is created today

Secondary school number 124 of the city of Samara

3. Integrated course of children's architectural and artistic creativity at school

Children's Art School "Start" - Moscow.

Приветственная речь Юрия Гнедовского
Приветственная речь Юрия Гнедовского
Театр-студия Петра Фоменко. Сергей Гнедовский
Театр-студия Петра Фоменко. Сергей Гнедовский
Театр-студия Петра Фоменко. Сергей Гнедовский
Театр-студия Петра Фоменко. Сергей Гнедовский
Когресс-холл в Уфе
Когресс-холл в Уфе
«Живописный» мост
«Живописный» мост
Проект реставрации храма в пос. Бзыбь, Абхазия
Проект реставрации храма в пос. Бзыбь, Абхазия
Песни Петра Налича
Песни Петра Налича
Михаил Мамошин
Михаил Мамошин
Олег Припутнев, архитектурная фирма «Стиль»
Олег Припутнев, архитектурная фирма «Стиль»
Вячеслав Богачкин
Вячеслав Богачкин