Mapei Seminars

Table of contents:

Mapei Seminars
Mapei Seminars

Topic of the June 30 workshop:

Start: 14.00. End: 17.00


1. Features of the use of additives for ready-mixed concrete and features of concreting in winter and summer.

2. Additives for concrete based on polycarboxylates in construction - a modern way to improve the quality of concrete mixes and concrete. The use of additives to increase the water resistance of concrete for foundations, tanks and special structures.

3. Application of MAPEI materials for the care of freshly laid concrete.

Seminar topics on July 2:

Start: 14.00. End: 17.00

1. CERAMIC LINE. Mapei materials for laying ceramic tiles and natural stone

Foundations (preparation of grounds)

1. Types. Types of screeds. Device methods.

2. Mapei screeds, their advantages and features.

3. Self-leveling floors.

4. Plasters.

5. Primers.

Waterproofing materials

1. Two-component elastic waterproofing Mapelastic

2. Rigid waterproofing Idrosilex Pronto

3. Hydro seals, tapes, cords.

- Adhesives

1. Classification of adhesives according to European standards EN 12004 and EN 12002.

2. One-component adhesives

3. Two-component adhesives

4. Adhesive for natural stone.

5. Technology of using cement-based adhesives

Suture fillers

1. Cement-based joint fillers

2. Epoxy-based joint fillers

3. Sealants

Examples of systems using MAPEI materials (underfloor heating in an apartment and a cottage, terrace / balcony / operated roof)


Preparation of substrates for laying floor coverings

- screeds

- self-leveling compounds

- primers

Adhesives for laying floor coverings (PVC, linoleum, rubber coverings, textile coverings)

Seminar address: Derbenevskaya nab., 7, bldg. 4, floor 3

Contact person: Olga Bakhmetyeva, tel.: +7 (495) 258 55 20