Roller Shutters: Cost Effective

Roller Shutters: Cost Effective
Roller Shutters: Cost Effective

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Let's take a look at the pros and cons of both proposals.

Let's take, for example, such a giant of the domestic roller shutter market as ALUTECH. Today this manufacturer produces roller shutters of the Classic and PD series. The first is a classic roller shutter in the most enduring sense of the word, the second is its economical counterpart. Both products are of high quality and are tested on 50 parameters, but the rational grain is to make the right choice. Let's go through the main parameters: endurance, range and quality of the coating, as well as compliance with standards.

So endurance. For roller shutters, it depends, first of all, on the thickness of the metal. Thus, for the production of a roller shutter profile of the Classic series, an aluminum tape with a thickness of 0.28 to 0.49 mm is used, in the PD series, a tape of 0.23-0.28 mm is used. The walls of the guide rails in the Classic are more than 1 mm thick, in the PD they are more than 0.8 mm.

What does it mean? Roller shutters of both series have been tested for all wind regions, but the maximum dimensions of Classic roller shutters, at which they can withstand a given wind load, are 18% larger than the maximum allowable dimensions of PD roller shutters. That is, you can equip wider windows with Classic roller shutters.

Colors and quality of coating. Let's just give the numbers: for Classic there are more than 30 colors, for PD - only 5 of the most popular. This means that with Classic roller shutters it is 6 times easier for you to make your home unique. However, if you are satisfied with the standard solution, you can use PD as well.

Compliance with standards. We all want roller shutters to be of high quality and to serve for many years. Numerous standards and norms guard the fulfillment of our desires. Thus, Classic roller shutters are certified for safety and wind resistance and comply with more than 20 (!) National and international standards. In contrast, the PD series is manufactured according to specifications only.

Output: For just a little extra, with standard Classic roller shutters you get uncompromising quality and a guaranteed long service life. If you are ready to make small concessions, you can consider buying more economical PD roller shutters.

In terms of price, Classic series roller shutters differ from PD roller shutters by 14-15%, and for a typical cottage (8-10 windows) the difference in cost will be only 100-150 euros. Which one you choose depends on your assessment of the situation.

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