Modern Light Lanterns From The Company "Alkon-Trade-System"

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Modern Light Lanterns From The Company "Alkon-Trade-System"
Modern Light Lanterns From The Company "Alkon-Trade-System"

Video: Modern Light Lanterns From The Company "Alkon-Trade-System"

Video: Modern Light Lanterns From The Company "Alkon-Trade-System"
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The village consists of 14 houses in total. A total of 39 skylights will be installed on them - 2-3 for each cottage. Skylights serve as an additional light source in the room. This is especially true today, when the issues of energy saving in the design of buildings come to the fore.


In Russia, the idea of light lanterns is becoming more and more popular, but not everyone can implement it efficiently. The design and installation of translucent structures for "second light" lanterns differs from similar works for standard windows. This is due to the fact that the skylights are located on the rooftops of houses. They must be able to withstand the weight load in the form of snow and remain completely sealed during heavy precipitation.

The premises of the Moscow School of Management "Skolkovo" campus are also partially illuminated with 43 light lamps. They are located on the exploited roof of a huge stylobate. As conceived by the project architect David Adjaye, the lanterns have a variety of non-standard shapes and sizes. Thanks to the talent of its design engineers, installers and the availability of modern production facilities, ZAO Alkon-Trade-System successfully coped with the extraordinary task set by the architect.

Now construction work at the Skolkovo School of Management has entered the home stretch. Their completion is scheduled for early 2010.


About company:

Alkon-Trade-System CJSC is a leading enterprise in the field of

devices of facades.

The main activities of the company are the following stages of projects:

- expertise

- construction management

- design and approval

- logistics (supply)

- production of structures

- installation work

- maintenance of facades (cleaning).

"Our credo is to meet the requirements of the times"

… Time chooses:

- systems thinking

- modern production

- return on investment

- quality of the future

Alkon-Trade-System is the largest processor of high-quality European materials, systems and technologies. We are a young, growing, but at the same time stable and reliable company.

Alkon-Trade-System is ready to implement the most complex projects from an architectural and engineering point of view.

"We have no crisis - neither production, nor ideological."