The Company CJSC "Alkon-Trade-System" Joined The SRO

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The Company CJSC "Alkon-Trade-System" Joined The SRO
The Company CJSC "Alkon-Trade-System" Joined The SRO

Video: The Company CJSC "Alkon-Trade-System" Joined The SRO

Video: The Company CJSC "Alkon-Trade-System" Joined The SRO
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These organizations are reputable in the construction market. Membership in them will allow ZAO Alkon-Trade-System to strengthen its position in the design of leading facilities in the country and will serve as an important task of improving the quality of construction in general.


Alkon-Trade-System is a leading company in the façade installation market. With each new project, the company confirms its European level of quality.

The main areas of activity of Alkon-Trade-System are the following stages of projects:

- expertise;

- construction management;

- design and approval;

- logistics (supply);

- production of structures;

- installation work;

- maintenance of facades (cleaning).

Our credo is to meet the requirements of the times.

Time chooses:

- systems thinking

- modern production

- return on investment

- quality of the future

Alcon Trade System is the largest processor of high quality European materials, systems and technologies.

We are ready to implement the most complex projects from an architectural and engineering point of view.

We do not have a crisis - neither industrial nor ideological.

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