Norman Foster Turns 70

Norman Foster Turns 70
Norman Foster Turns 70

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Norman Foster is one of the most successful and sought-after architects in the world. Along with the Pritzker Prize, his professional achievements are also recognized as a Life Peerage of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

In London, which houses the headquarters of his huge architecture firm, only in recent years has Foster built a new city hall, the famous Swiss Re skyscraper and the Millennium Bridge connecting the banks of the Thames opposite the Tate Modern.

The Sainsbury Fine Arts Center in Norwich (1978) and the Willis, Faber & Dumas headquarters in Ipswich (1975) were decisive for his career. Foster gained international fame in 1979 with his project for the building of the Bank of Shanghai and Hong Kong in Hong Kong. Since then, his high-tech buildings have appeared in almost every metropolis in the world: for example, in Frankfurt, where his Commerzbank skyscraper was built.

Among the cultural institutes, the buildings designed by Foster boast the Nimes Mediatheque ("Carre d'Art"), the Royal Academy of Arts reconstructed by him and the British Museum in London. And the new dome of the Reichstag, designed by Norman Foester in 1993, became the symbol of a new united Germany.

Foster is the author of such engineering structures as London Stansted, Beijing and Hong Kong airports, the Bilbao metro system and the Milhaud viaduct in southern France - the highest bridge in the world.

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