Modernization Of The "musical" Hotel

Modernization Of The "musical" Hotel
Modernization Of The "musical" Hotel

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The Georgian building was acquired by Bono and Edge ten years ago. Despite the reconstruction carried out at that time, the building, which served as a hotel for the last 140 years, did not bring any income. Therefore, the owners, having sold half of it to a well-known development company, decided to rebuild it. Three neighboring Georgian mansions and a former publishing house will now be added to the main building. Almost all internal partitions will be demolished, and the center of the new complex will be occupied by a spacious atrium shaped like an elongated hourglass. At its “bottom”, at the basement level, there will be a 25-meter swimming pool, and it will end with an observation terrace “sky room”. The entire hotel complex will be covered with a glass "canopy" that will unite all of its individual buildings.

All the hotel's waterfront facades will be renovated, and the East Essex Street facades will be replaced with a common new one: a wave-shaped glass curtain wall. Cafes, restaurants and shops will open on the ground floor of the Clarence Hotel.

As a result of the reconstruction, the number of rooms in the hotel will increase from 54 to 142. An important feature of the project is its environmental friendliness: the use of natural lighting and ventilation will be maximized.

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