StartTime: Children's Furniture Designer

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StartTime: Children's Furniture Designer
StartTime: Children's Furniture Designer

Video: StartTime: Children's Furniture Designer

Video: StartTime: Children's Furniture Designer
Video: Designer Furniture for Kids | euromaxx 2023, March

Attention! Competition! Students will show what furniture is capable of developing a child's personality

Students and students of specialized educational institutions will come up with furniture that can adapt to various premises, create a cozy and interesting living environment and, most importantly, contribute to the development of the child's personality.

At the first stage, the competition works will be evaluated by a professional jury consisting of art and education workers, representatives of industrial and commercial enterprises, public organizations and unions. The jury will select three winners, and ten of the most promising solutions (projects) will be shortlisted and presented to the participants of the All-Russian Furniture Summit in St. Petersburg. The award ceremony will also take place here.

But! The competition will continue

Usually, all contests end with the determination of the winner, but in our project, work with the nominees will continue. All ten works included in the short list will undergo an out-of-competition consumer examination and will have the opportunity to become the owner of the special prize “Choice

consumer ".

Children will appreciate the furniture and tell you if they want one

In St. Petersburg, exhibition expositions organized as part of children's mass celebrations will bring together more than two thousand families with children who will appreciate the furniture presented both in pictures and in the form of industrial designs. Such an assessment will show how the solutions proposed by students and highly appreciated by professionals are close and correspond to consumer preferences.

The Samara testing stage will take place in a slightly different way. Within the framework of the INTERIOROOM interior exhibition, where at the same time the regional stage of the National Award in the field of industrial furniture design "RUSSIAN KABRIOL" will be held, a special exhibition will be organized. Families with children attracted by children's events, along with professionals, will be able to evaluate and give preference to the projects of the nominees. Based on the results of two regional stages, the winner of the "Consumer's Choice" award will be determined.

This is what it is, the new generation

It is not enough for them to create a project, evaluate it with the help of professionals, make an industrial design and get the approval of consumers. They want to move from an idea to a real business.

For this, within the framework of the Samara Interior Exhibition, the organizers will hold a business program where the most successful people (masters of their craft) will talk about how to set up production, how to form a brand, how to organize the promotion and sales of children's furniture.

StartTime - a time of fantasy and a test of the strength of youth. Will the creative energy of young people be preserved in the form of beautiful pictures and descriptions of actions, or will it turn into modern popular goods and a real manufacturing business? Entrepreneurs, gentlemen, it only depends on you: support the project. And the “lost” generations will be replaced by new creators and new businessmen.

StartTime - the time has come for everyone to act!

Organizer: "Association of Furniture Industry Enterprises of the North-West".

194100 St. Petersburg, st. Kantemirovskaya, 37 Business Center "Furniture-City2", office 415

Tel. +7 (812) 244-48-60, e-mail: [email protected]

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