New Industries Of Architecture: A Curatorial Manifesto

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New Industries Of Architecture: A Curatorial Manifesto
New Industries Of Architecture: A Curatorial Manifesto

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The theme of the Zodchestvo festival, which will be held in Moscow in early October, has been announced:

"New Industries".

The curators of Zodchestvo, and they will again be Andrei and Nikita Asadov, plan to demonstrate how high-quality modern architecture contributes to the development of Russian cities by collecting and analyzing the best practices of the “new industries”. The expert council will select 25 illustrative examples of new industrial development, and will consider both already implemented and functioning examples and concept projects. The best examples are planned to be shown within the framework of the main special project "Zodchestvo".

Now the organizers are collecting projects:

you can apply for participation

on the festival website.

Curatorial manifesto

The key to the transition from crisis to development is the bet on human capital. An intelligent, educated and active person is becoming the main resource of our time. People with modern knowledge and will create new industries by launching development mechanisms. A quality environment, a successful, efficient economy and a healthy society are being formed around these industries.

The development of cities and villages is a painstaking work that requires special efforts and knowledge of the place. As a result of the joint action of experts and professionals, city activists and local communities, it is possible not only to develop a project, but also to understand how to translate it into reality.

Architecture becomes an instrument of anti-crisis measures, contributing to the tactful introduction of new industries into the fabric of settlement. With the help of a competent strategy for transforming territories - creating a comfortable environment, renovating cultural heritage sites, creating appropriate new buildings - the overall attractiveness of the region is increasing.

The aim of the festival is to find and show successful examples of urban development using modern and high-quality architecture.

General concept:

The exhibition project reveals the theme of this year's festival and presents the best Russian practices of renovation and urban development with the help of architecture. Leading specialized institutions, architects, urbanists, and city development agencies are invited to participate.

- creative industries (renovation of industrial areas for creative clusters)

- high-tech industries (modern factories, technology parks, IT centers)

- tourism industries (preservation of heritage sites and development of tourism infrastructure)

- cultural and educational industries (university campuses, cultural centers)

- leisure industries (pedestrian streets, squares, parks, embankments)

- agro-industry (rural development)

- transport industries (TPU, railway and river stations, airports)

Planned composition of the expert council:

  • A. Bokov, President of the SAR
  • S. Kuznetsov, Chief Architect of Moscow
  • E. Gonzalez, architecture critic
  • B. Goldhorn, hands. Institute for Open Urbanism
  • A. Muratov, partner of KB Strelka
  • S. Trotsenko, founder of the Winzavod Center for Contemporary Art
  • I. Zalivukhin, expert on urban development
  • P. Kudryavtsev, Partner at Citymakers
  • E. Kubensky, ch. editor of the publishing house "Tatlin"
  • A. Lozhkin, urbanist, professor of MAAM
  • S. Georgievsky, hands. agency "Center"
  • D. Surmanidze, hands. agency "Growth Point"

In order to maximize the geography of the exhibition project, we announce an open search for "hotbeds" of new industries in all regions of the country. In order to put forward a specific site or concept for participation in a special project, you must submit an application on the website.

Festival curators Andrey and Nikita Asadov

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