Theater In Dallas, Revised And Expanded

Theater In Dallas, Revised And Expanded
Theater In Dallas, Revised And Expanded

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Video: The Wyly Theatre Constructing the Center... 2023, February

The eleven-story building should become the dominant town planning for the city's Center for Dramatic Arts.

The facade of the new building will be decorated with corrugated aluminum sheets, reminiscent of a theater curtain. Such a solution, according to the architect himself, should embody the idea of ​​"personality and pop culture".

Through the huge windows, visitors to the theater can admire the views of the city, and passers-by can look into the foyer. The floors above the auditorium are planned for office space, rehearsal rooms and study rooms.

Changing the scenery and changing the configuration of the stage space can be done very easily.

The revised project provides for a plot of 30 x 35 m for the building, located differently in relation to the surrounding buildings, compared to the first option.

The theater is designed for 600 spectators, its usable area will be 7,500 square meters. m. The construction is expected to be completed in 2009. The project will cost $ 60 million.

Also in 2009, the Norman Foster-designed Winspeare Opera House will be completed, which will appear next to the OMA building.


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