Chinese TV Will Be Left Without A Building?

Chinese TV Will Be Left Without A Building?
Chinese TV Will Be Left Without A Building?

Video: Chinese TV Will Be Left Without A Building?

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From the moment he was given this order, the project caused a split in the ruling circles of the PRC. The ultra-modern building, involving the most complex engineering calculations and high-tech execution, was supposed to cost $ 730 million. Work on the construction of an 80-story skyscraper (230 m in height), which was to become the tallest building in Beijing, was scheduled to begin early this month.

It is not yet clear whether these are temporary measures, or the project is permanently blocked. The second scenario was reported by Reuters and the Chinese magazine Dongfeng Zhukan, linked to the state news agency Xinhua. It is known that Wen Jibao, the prime minister of China, has repeatedly spoken about the CCTV headquarters as a senseless waste of public funds, and the State Council headed by him issued a directive designed to curb the construction boom in the PRC.

Officials in the leadership of KCTV admit that the project is hanging in the air. In response, Rem Koolhaas published The Beijing Manifesto, "a dossier of grandiose ideas and unsightly reality that have become the backdrop for a controversial project for a new CCTV building."

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