The End Of Freedom At The WTC

The End Of Freedom At The WTC
The End Of Freedom At The WTC

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Video: Twin Towers Plaza 11 settembre 2001 - Torri Gemelle. World Trade Center.11 september 2001.11 09 2001 2023, February

This decision was made as a concession to the aggressive stance of the family members of those killed during the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack. In their opinion, in the place where the twin towers stood, there should be no institutions that could distract attention from this tragedy. Earlier it was announced that only those cultural institutions that undertake to never hold exhibitions and other events that could offend the patriotic feelings of Americans can be admitted to the territory of the WTC. As a result, the Drawing Center, which was supposed to share with the Freedom Center a critically acclaimed building designed by the Norwegian bureau Snohetta, has canceled its lease and is looking for another space.

Thus, Libeskind's plan was again under threat: it was according to his project that cultural institutions were to be located next to the memorial to the victims of the terrorist attack in the "prints" of the foundations of destroyed skyscrapers. Now the only guaranteed "owner" of the building will be the visitor center.

This also speaks of changes in the position of the authorities: the Freedom Center, which fell into disgrace, was conceived back in 2002 as an institution dedicated to the history of the struggle for personal freedom around the world.

Following Governor George Pataki's announcement of censorship on the WTC site in July 2005, many prominent public figures have left the council leading the design and construction of the new complex. After Pataki's last decision, several more people left there, including Agnes Gund, honorary director of the Museum of Modern Art and a prominent philanthropist. Now, according to analysts, it will be especially difficult to raise money for the construction of the Snohetta building and the Michael Arad memorial. Thus, the fate of the building was in jeopardy. The future of the theater building designed by Frank Gehry is also uncertain: the architect complained to reporters about the complete lack of contacts with customers, and the implementation of the project was planned for the "second phase" of the restoration of the World Trade Center - that is, in the distant future.

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