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Kinetics Of Philistinism
Kinetics Of Philistinism

Video: Kinetics Of Philistinism

Video: Kinetics Of Philistinism
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This year's guest star, the young Italian Federica Patti, was embarrassed by judging projects along with realizations. She also found it strange that the imitation of the Western interior dominated in the works presented at the festival, especially since, as the guest recalled, Russia has its own rather strong aesthetic traditions.

President of the Union of Moscow Architects Viktor Logvinov told about the "surprise" planned by the jury - the admission of young laureates of the "Under the Roof of a House" festival to the ranks of the members of the Union of Artists "automatically".

Irina Kokinaki from the "Architectural Bulletin" magazine, as always, presented the participant she liked with a pair of white feather wings, explaining the gift with a complex syllogism: "Architectural Bulletin" - reports the news. The message is always something pleasant. For example, a message about a victory. Victory is known to be a winged lady. Therefore, we give wings! " And she presented Vasily Shchetinin to Vasily Shchetinin from the Veshch workshop, who presented the most scandalous thing of the festival, the Crazy Stool lamp, for his contribution to the development of kinetic art. I must say that Shchetinin became the favorite of this year's festival, having flown off the stage on donated wings, he returned there more than once.

The organizers of the festival rewarded their chosen ones for some kind of secondary exposition feature, probably the most exciting for the curators: Boris Uborevich-Borovsky for his creative attitude to the design of his own works, Harold Koskur-Ogly for a tree from the Night Suns collection, which brought a noticeable revitalization to the general exhibition …

When presenting diplomas from the Moscow Union of Designers, its vice-president Andrei Efimov turned to the topic of competitive primogeniture, paraphrasing the question about the chicken and the egg, he asked: "Either design is the son of architecture, or architecture is the daughter of design …" However, he could not find an answer, concluded that under the roof of this house they are closely merged. SDM awarded Shchetinin for the already noted kinetics, Laima Lahn for the decor of the Kraft stand, Mikhail Filippov for the solution of the attic space, deputy general director of Mosarkhinform Elena Mayer and director of the ASC Dom na Brestskaya Oleg Didenko for organizing the festival. Moreover, the latter was awarded in a strange way, presented with porcelain and glass figurines of a penguin and an elephant with the words "we will revive the bourgeois traditions."

Since it would hardly have been possible to bypass the SDM in terms of the originality of the slogan, the Union of Designers of Russia recouped the number of its awards. Viktor Litvinov, President of the High Design Club, announced a long list: Vladimir Bondarenko, Viktor Freidenberg, Mikhail Filippov, JSB Moshtab, Boris Morozov, Andrey Gorozhankin and Yuri Ryntovt, Workshop 13 Mosproekt-2 im. MV Posokhina and others. Since the ceremony dragged on, the journalists talked about the approval of their nomination "For the longest list of nominees", intending to present Mr. Litvinov with scissors.

But the patronizing festival Moskomarkhitektura awarded only one special prize. It went to the architectural studio of Timur Bashkaev for the interior of the control room of the United Dispatch Office of the North-West Power Systems in St. Petersburg. Deputy Chairman of the Moscow Committee for Architecture and Architecture Andrei Grin said: "For the urgent matter of transforming industrial space." Sergey Sitar, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Project Russia magazine, added: “for the unexpected quality of pop art that appears in a purely technical room”.

The head of the Center for Contemporary Architecture Irina Korobyina read out the list of the jury's special diplomas. Among them: in the nomination "Interior detail" with the wording "For cleanliness" they were awarded "C / u dedicated to …" ("Archgraph"); in the nomination "Interior Decoration" "For Literature" - the interior "Russian Provence" (Konstantin Larin, AB Progress 88); in the nomination "Public interior" - "For the creation of spaces in space" - the permanent exhibition of the Kaliningrad Art Gallery "City Diaries. Kaliningrad-Keningsberg "(Architectural group" 8 lines "); "For the most direct way to achieve the goal" - "Office on the attic floor - 300 m2" (Evgeny Okinshevich, AM Okinshevichs "EKAR"); in the category "Residential Interior" "for imagery and character" - "Apartment 86 m2" (Peter Kostelov), "For original composition" - "Apartment in Filippovsky" (UB Design); “For an ambivalent atmosphere” - “707 (private apartment)” (Philip Pishchik, KB “Anya Isti”); on the totality of works "For experimental expressiveness" - Victor Freudenberg.

When it came to awarding the official laureates of the festival, and there were also a lot of them, everyone was already pretty tired. Therefore, they were awarded quickly, without any special comments: place, nomination, person / workshop, object of the award. We list:

3rd place

In the category "Subject in the interior"

"Endless table" Author: Designer - Natalia Tamruchi

In the category "Interior Detail"

Furniture store EGO HALL in St. Petersburg, Stairs Author: Architect - Alexey Levchuk, St. Petersburg

In the category "Interior decoration"

"Non-exclusive. Salon of finishing materials "Authors: Architects - Tatiana Botnikova, Yulia Averina

In the category "Public interior:

Decision made unanimously to award two third places

"Crystal Ship" Authors: Architect - Dmitry Mikhailov, "December 32", St. Petersburg

"Interiors of radio" Next "and" Pops "offices" Authors: Architects - Alexey Nikolashin, Alexandra Fedorova - SL * project

In the category "Residential Interior"

Decision made unanimously to award two third places

"Attic in Moscow"

Authors: Architects - Mikhail Filippov, Anatoly Filippov, Filippov's Workshop

"Apartment in a high-rise" Author: Designer - Victoria Kolos

In the category "Public interior"

For the transformation of industrial space

"The main dispatch center of the United Dispatching Management of the North-West Power Systems"

Authors: Timur Bashkaev Architectural Bureau

2nd place

In the category "Subject in the interior"


Author: Architect - Dmitry Bukach

In the category "Interior Detail"

Decision made unanimously to award two second places

"Handles for apartment interiors for Mr. P., for Nikolai and Svetlana"

Author: "DUOMO", Architect - Alexander Glikman, Evgeny Galansky

"Rain", LED chandelier Author: Architect - Ivan Shalmin

In the category "Interior decoration"

"Apartment in Moscow"

Author: Designer - Irina Dymova, Studio of Irina Dymova

In the category "Public interior"

Decision made unanimously to award two second places

Cafe "April"

Authors: Architect - Andrey Gorozhankin, Designer - Yuri Ryntovt

"SPb. Shoe store "Mania grandioza"

Authors: Architectural workshop "Vitruvius and Sons", St. Petersburg

In the category "Residential Interior"

"Residential building on the Klyazminskoye reservoir"

Authors: Architects - Totan Kuzembaev, Dmitry Kondrashov

1st place

In the category "Subject in the interior"

On the set of works: "Crazy stool" lamp prototype (radio-controlled model)

Light-kinetic object "OKO" ("eye")

Author: Architect - Vasily Shchetinin, Workshop "Vesh"

In the category "Interior Detail":

"Salon selling equipment for active recreation of the company" ROSAN "Ceiling"

Authors: Architect - Oscar Madera, "Radicals of the 10s" with the participation of Vaselina Shchetkina and Roman Reznikov

In the nomination "Interior decoration" the jury awarded nothing

In the category "Public interior"

It was unanimously decided to award the first two places

"Office" A-B "Authors: Architectural bureau" A-B"

Architects - Andrey Savin, Mikhail Labazov, Andrey Cheltsov

In the category "Residential Interior"

"Penthouse in Khamovniki" Authors: Architectural studio "ZA BOR".

It was decided not to award the Grand Prix of the festival.

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