New Park For Las Vegas

New Park For Las Vegas
New Park For Las Vegas

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Video: Wet 'N' Wild Water Park in Las Vegas (Music by Egzod)【4K】 2023, February

It will include toy galleries, various entertainment facilities, landscaped gardens and playgrounds.

The project, called "Sensity Paradise Universe" (which can be translated as "The Paradise Universe of the Sensual City"), is an ecologically clean landscape. It consists of terraced landscaping strips, an artificial lake and winding paths. There will also be restaurants, theaters and concert halls for the whole family.

The huge flower-shaped structures will protect the walking paths from the desert sun. With a height of 36 m and a diameter of 90 m, these "umbrellas" will be made of lightweight metal structures and stretched fabric.

The water that will settle on their surface will cool the air in the park. Structures can also be used to generate energy by converting solar radiation into electricity or heat during the winter months.

Wind turbines can be placed on the "stems" of these giant flowers to draw energy from the force of the wind.

Construction is expected to take three years.

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