Perfection Is In The Details. Large Format Scanner Contex SD4490

Perfection Is In The Details. Large Format Scanner Contex SD4490
Perfection Is In The Details. Large Format Scanner Contex SD4490

Video: Perfection Is In The Details. Large Format Scanner Contex SD4490

Video: Perfection Is In The Details. Large Format Scanner Contex SD4490
Video: Contex SD 4490 2023, March

There are no good things in the world that are only good on one side. This was known by the one who first guessed to put on galoshes on boots in winter - it turned out both warm and dry. Everything else can be characterized by the word "nothing", adding "so" for greater significance. Valenki - nothing like that, galoshes - nothing like that. Together, it's a completely different matter.

When choosing office equipment, this "rule" also works. Especially if its correct, convenient, and most importantly effective work is the basis of your business.

Of course, when you have to purchase a large format scanner, you need to think over everything to the smallest detail. What are the prospects for the services provided by your company, what are the wishes of the clients, where do you yourself want to move the business? An important factor is also the price - whatever you say, and often it is it that turns out to be the last instance that "commands" our actions.

And if it is clear that your business is on the rise, the range of services is expanding, and in order not to jeopardize all this, you need a good large-format scanner, then it would be logical to pay attention to the Contex line of SD scanners. Today we are going to take a look at one of them - Contex SD4490.

The operation of any device, from a boiler to a radar, begins with its installation and connection - this is a kind of handshake between you and the subject, a starting point for further relations. SD4490 does not present any difficulties during its installation and software adjustment. The wide-format connection process makes automatic calibration even easier without operator intervention, which not every scanner of this type can boast of. And the prompts during the installation of the software supplied with the device will help even a novice user to bring the process to its logical conclusion. That is, the process of "turning" the SD4490 into the work of the entire office takes a minimum of time with a result similar to other models.

By the way, the software included in the package deserves special attention. Developed by Danish experts, Nextimage has a number of characteristics that you should be aware of when choosing a scanner and software for it. These lines often form a general impression of the product. Let's start with the program interface, its outer side. The logic of the location of the main buttons is intuitive. As a result, the work becomes easier and less time is spent on it. In the preview mode, you can view in detail any part of the image. No matter how many of them there are, everyone will wait for attention, since the endless number of windows allows this. Further, unlike other programs for the same purpose, Nextimage has a well thought-out system for auto-naming files. It happens that when scanning multiple documents, the device prompts you, and not a user savvy in English at random clicks on the "Yes" button. As a result, each scanned document is "overwritten" by the next one, and an unpleasantly surprised user finds a single file in the folder. If you scan through Nextimage, the program will independently name each next scanned page, adding a sequential number to the name of the first. The situation with "Nameless" is simply out of the question here …


It will be fair to say that working with the SD4490 is "sharpened" specifically for the use of Nextimage as a scanning application. Someone might say that there is other software that allows you to scan large-format images on any suitable scanners. This, of course, is true, but there is a very strong argument in favor of "sharpening" the software. Only "native" programs will allow you to use the capabilities of the purchased device to its full potential. Especially when it comes to devices that are quite specific, in demand in a certain market segment.

The Danish program also has several other small features that will undoubtedly delight the user. Among them are the ability to drag and drop the application itself into a window of any size, the ability to enlarge the image during preview, as well as adjust the image in preview mode without subsequent re-scanning (changes are made using a "live" picture, and the user sees them immediately). Working in Nextimage is similar to working with the TWAIN protocol, so when switching from one application to another, the user will need to tell about this: he himself may not even notice - these applications are so close. All these details, perhaps, are not striking, but try, say, a month to work in any other program where this set of options is absent - and you will not need any additional arguments. It is precisely such details that create the image of thoughtful software, easy to use, saving time and effort in learning. It's nice to use this software.

If we talk about the characteristics of the scanner itself, then there are also points that it makes sense for potential users of Contex SD4490 to pay attention to.

Since performance and scanning speed can be highlighted among the requirements for large format scanners, let's start with this. But first, a few words about the workspace of the device. Due to the fact that, with its very compact size, the scanner has a very convenient and wide table for processed documents, it has become much more convenient to scan them in batches. Here we also note the All Wheel Drive media feeding technology, which provides the most gentle document feed during scanning.

In addition, the SD4490 allows you to load the next document while the device is still processing data from the previous one. This really makes the process of work very convenient: you do not have to waste extra time while the machine "thinks". And a little more about the time saved: the developers have equipped the device with a scan start button, and the operator does not need to perform any operations on the computer - Nextimage will start automatically.

Now about the speed of document processing. The device has a Turbo mode, which allows you to scan it with maximum accuracy and extremely quickly with minimal loss in image quality. In general, comparing Contex SD4490 with analogs, you understand that in terms of the speed of reading information (in any modes), the Contex line is the optimal solution for business. In addition, the SD4490 has strong copying rates for color, black and white and grayscale images.

Everything is in order and with the quality of the scanned images. With 1200 dpi optical resolution, nothing will be missed. This is best seen when processing documents containing large amounts of text, as well as small details, especially if they need to be rendered in color …

Such a seemingly trifle as a single protective glass of the scanner lamps is also pleasant. This greatly simplifies the procedures for caring for them.

A few words should be given to such an important parameter as energy-saving capabilities. With the most sparing power consumption mode, the SD4490 consumes 16 W, and in other modes it consumes energy more economically than its counterparts.

Finally, you cannot complete your review without specifying the estimated cost of the scanner. Today it can be bought for about 400 thousand rubles. Whether it is expensive for such a model is up to the buyer to decide in the end, but we can safely say that the Contex SD4490 is working off this money. He always fulfills his tasks one hundred percent.

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