Mosbuild-2013: New Facade Sandwich "ISOVER-LINEROCK" And New Light-acoustic Panels "Ecophone"

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Mosbuild-2013: New Facade Sandwich "ISOVER-LINEROCK" And New Light-acoustic Panels "Ecophone"
Mosbuild-2013: New Facade Sandwich "ISOVER-LINEROCK" And New Light-acoustic Panels "Ecophone"

Video: Mosbuild-2013: New Facade Sandwich "ISOVER-LINEROCK" And New Light-acoustic Panels "Ecophone"

Video: Mosbuild-2013: New Facade Sandwich "ISOVER-LINEROCK" And New Light-acoustic Panels "Ecophone"
Video: WorldBuild/Mosbuild 2018 лучшие моменты. 2023, March

The international concern Saint-Gobain is provided by Oleg Makarov, commercial director of the Isolation division of Saint-Gobain (brands ISOVER and LINEROCK), and Konstantin Starobinsky, director of the Ekofon business unit in Russia

Oleg Makarov:

We are now at our stand, which embodies the concept of the human habitat. This is our Habitat strategy … Here are presented almost all the brands of the company that are present on the Russian market, and all the solutions that the company offers in various areas - insulation, ceilings, etc. All that you see here is our new products that we bring to the market.

Konstantin Starobinsky:

Our division represents two brands: "Ecophone" and "Euro-Acoustic". Isover and Ecophone have been represented in Russia for over 20 years, the Russian market is not new for us. In general, Saint-Gobain has been a unique company not only in Russia but throughout the world for more than 350 years.

The solutions that we offer are very diverse, but I would like to focus on the project that we are not showing at this exhibition, but we plan to launch at the end of May. This is a joint project with Philips - a unique ceiling that has both lighting solutions and acoustic … At this exhibition, we are only announcing it, but in a month and a half we will show the first example at the Office Next exhibition.

Tell us about your wonderful "flying" panels on display at the stand.

C. S.:

This is, indeed, a very interesting solution that we have been presenting on the Russian market for several years now - free hanging units Solowith unique properties. They are acoustic, like any product of the Ecophone company, and also have design solutions. You see different shapes - round, square, but also these panels can be in the form of a cloud. In fact, we can make any kind of ceiling.

C. S.:

We are in the so-called acoustic part of our stand, which is represented by the Saint-Gobain company. In this corner you can see materials from two brands of our company: to my right - materials "Ecophone", wall panels of different colors, to my left - the company's solutions Gyproc based on gypsum. In terms of acoustics, these materials have the best characteristics of all the products presented not only at this exhibition, but throughout Russia., and maybe in the world. But most importantly, we do not offer just one product, we offer comprehensive solutions in the field of acoustics and design.

Are different panel colors a program for designers?

C. S.:

The huge choice of colors is due to the fact that the design of each individual room requires separate solutions and ideas. And thanks to our materials, designers and architects have the opportunity to realize their wildest fantasies - both when choosing a color scheme and experimenting with form.

Your internal programs probably take into account both the technical characteristics and the shape of the panels for a given interior?

C. S.:

We work very closely with architects and designers. And here I probably will not dissemble and say that we are real partners, because we are working on projects together. We provide a full range of services, help to calculate the acoustic characteristics, in addition, our base of design solutions is also very large, since it was created over more than 20 years in Russia and 50 years around the world.

Technical specialist of the insulation division Alexander Mezhov talks about the new insulation systems ISOVER and LINEROCK.

Alexander Mezhov:

I present a new product on the market of thermal insulation materials - "ISOVER PROFI" … It is specially designed for the insulation of pitched roofs. Designed for the retail segment, for do-it-yourself professional insulation. "ISOVER PROFI" combines the advantages of both rolls and slabs. We call it "slabs on a roll". What are the advantages of this material? First of all, it is its stability and elasticity. With a standard rafter pitch, it is mounted into the roof structure without additional fasteners. At the same time, it is possible to achieve a minimum amount of waste during the installation of thermal insulation. Among other things, this material has excellent sound insulation characteristics.

The material is compressed in packaging up to three times - and this is an advantage during transportation, transportation on the construction site, cutting and any movement. The material in the roof structure can be mounted either by one person or by a group of two or three people. Depending on the number of people, you can either roll out the entire roll or cut it into separate slabs, for example one meter long. In this case, the structure can be assembled alone, no helpers are required for this. The material fits snugly into the frame, fills the entire space without cracks and gaps. Thanks to this, optimal heat and sound insulation is achieved, made by hand at a private facility.

Say a few words about your ventilated facades.

A. M.:

Among other things, Isover products are used in hinged ventilated facades - both in single-layer and double-layer ones. We also have products for the insulation of the plaster facade - "ISOVER Plaster Facade", designed for wall insulation with a thin plaster layer. And I want to emphasize that this is the only fiberglass-based product on the Russian market designed for such an application.

Do you have a double-layer facade at your stand?

A. M.:

Yes, you correctly noted that there are two layers, this is two-layer insulation system … Interestingly, presented here The insulation consists of an inner layer made of fiberglass and an outer layer of LINEROCK material based on basalt fiber. This is a combined solution - glass and basalt.

The acquisition of the LINEROCK plant allowed Saint-Gobain ISOVER to reach a new level in Russia with a new proposal for construction?

A. M.:

You are finding the right words to describe our policy in this country. We approach broadly, speak openly and present all possible solutions for our clients.

About the principles of the Habitat strategy

In 2007, Saint-Gobain, the world leader in the production of innovative materials for construction, presented for the first time a new development strategy for the company - Habitat. This concept is based on an integrated approach to construction, which involves the transition from the production of individual products to the development and delivery of integrated solutions for the company's customers. The key objective of the Habitat concept is to create a comfortable living space based on the ideal balance of light, sound, warmth and coolness, energy efficiency, environmental friendliness and safety.

The main divisions of the Saint-Gobain concern have a wide range of building materials, on the basis of which a portfolio of complex solutions is formed - these are heat and sound insulation, dry building mixtures, drywall and gypsum mixtures, acoustic ceiling and wall panels, pipes, glass, siding and tiles. … When choosing the type of material to be included in an integrated system, the company's specialists take into account the climatic features of the region; standards and regulations, architectural traditions. Therefore, the Saint-Gobain stand at MosBuild 2013 was organized according to the principles of the Habitat strategy, which made it possible to demonstrate to the company's clients the possibilities of practical application of an integrated approach, as well as highlight its advantages.

Interviewed by Elena Sycheva

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