A Reliable Way To Ensure Comfort

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A Reliable Way To Ensure Comfort
A Reliable Way To Ensure Comfort

Video: A Reliable Way To Ensure Comfort

Video: A Reliable Way To Ensure Comfort
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Multi-zone air conditioning systems have long been used abroad to create comfortable conditions in public buildings and individual housing. Modern multi-zone air conditioning systems are highly economical and have significant technical capabilities. With the help of the new generation of SAMSUNG DVM S multi-zone air conditioning systems, you can create an optimal cooling and heating system for each type of room, ensuring maximum comfort.


The DVM S system uses inverter technology to regulate capacity. With the use of inverter technology, high efficiency of the system is achieved.

The model range of DVM S units consists of outdoor units with a capacity of 22 to 61 kW. It is possible to combine up to 4 outdoor units into a single system in order to create a more powerful air conditioning system. There are a number of undeniable advantages of installing a large air conditioning system compared to using several small systems. For the building owner, this is a significant saving in space required for the installation of outdoor units and a decrease in the total cost by reducing the amount of consumables. In this case, the reliability of the system does not suffer.

The DVMS multi-zone air conditioning system is designed to operate and quickly recover in the event of an emergency. The multi-compressor circuit allows emergency operation with a defective compressor. The possibility of collecting the refrigerant in one part of the general hydraulic circuit allows for prompt repairs.

The range of indoor units includes wall, duct, cassette, floor and ceiling models with a capacity from 1.7 to 28 kW.

In rooms with low ceilings (less than 2.6 m) and the absence of a ceiling space, it is convenient to use wall-mounted blocks or console blocks located at the floor according to the principle of heating radiators. In the line of indoor units DVM S there are flush-mounted console units for rooms where it is important to keep the design. For rooms with the possibility of placing indoor units under the ceiling, it is rational to use ducted indoor units with air distribution through air ducts through ventilation grilles. Duct and cassette indoor units provide the possibility of adding fresh air. In narrow and open spaces and corridors, it is convenient to install cassette single-flow or two-flow units. The height of the cassette 1 flow unit is only 13.5 cm, which makes installation possible even in the case of a small sub-ceiling space.

The solution to ensure the necessary air exchange is decided by the addition of air handling units. The ERV air handling unit provides air capacity up to 1000m3 / h and can be supplied with a built-in heat exchanger and air humidifier. The advantage of using the ERV unit is its high operating efficiency due to the built-in recuperator and the possibility of joint control with indoor units.

Application features

The problem of maintaining comfortable climatic conditions in the premises worries millions of people. Taking into account the serious climate change in winter, when the thermometer often drops below –20 ° С, and at summer highs above +40 ° С, this problem becomes especially urgent. An installation based on a chiller takes up a lot of usable area, has a risk of coolant leaks, requires significant costs for adjustment and maintenance and selection of various additional components. The optimal solution is a multi-zone air conditioning system.

The Samsung DVM S system is fully operational. Simple selection according to the given design conditions is a protection against possible design errors and a guarantee of subsequent reliable operation. DVM S can operate with long trunk lines (total length up to 1 kilometer) and large elevation differences (up to 110 meters), it allows you to install the system at almost any facility. The small diameter of the freon lines gives advantages when installing systems at reconstruction sites and in modernized buildings.

The air conditioning system DVM S can be selected as a heat pump and with heat recovery. An air conditioning system with heat recovery is capable of simultaneously heating some rooms and cooling others. If there are sources of excess heat in the house, the DVM system with the recuperation function is able to “pump” this heat to the rooms that require heating. The heat transformation ratio (COP) in this case can reach 6.5 and more units. The user receives both high comfort and energy cost savings. Recuperation and recirculation units using central ventilation require large additional volumes of premises for long air ducts and directly recuperation units. The multi-zone system is devoid of this drawback. The indoor unit installed on the floor, wall or under the ceiling is at the same time a heat recuperator, the transfer of which is carried out by a refrigerant (freon) through pipelines with a diameter of 6 mm or more.

The new DVM S multi-zone system is able to provide not only local cooling or heating of the air, but also simultaneously work as an air handling unit if a central ventilation system is installed at the facility. The modern multi-zone air conditioning system DVM S offers solutions for underfloor heating and hot water supply. The use of a single multipurpose unit provides an indisputable advantage in terms of ease of operation and obtaining a single quality technical and preventive maintenance.

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