Recruitment And Search For Employees In Russia

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Recruitment And Search For Employees In Russia
Recruitment And Search For Employees In Russia

Video: Recruitment And Search For Employees In Russia

Video: Recruitment And Search For Employees In Russia

The search web resource is an effective tool for Russian employers, containing a huge number of resumes from job seekers.

All submitted CVs are manually moderated, so you can rest assured of the reliability and correctness of the information provided by the system. service will help you to assemble a working team capable of solving any professional problems!

Why is the best solution for finding employees

The main advantage of the search engine for employers is its functionality, which includes:

  • filter by search parameters,
  • the ability to post vacancies,
  • important news,
  • adaptive design.

A search filter based on the specified parameters will automatically select and display CVs suitable for your queries in a matter of seconds. The parameters are used:

  • town,
  • profession,
  • education,
  • experience,
  • type of employment,
  • wage
  • a number of other characteristics indicated by applicants in their resumes.

You can sort the filtered resumes by the time they were posted in the system (per day, week, month, all the time) and by filter parameters, for example, by the amount of the desired salary.

If the employer could not find a suitable candidate for the available resume, he has the opportunity to publish a message about the open vacancy. This allows you to quickly and at minimum cost to select personnel suitable for specific requirements.

Published vacancies are regularly (weekly, daily) automatically sent to applicants with suitable requirements. The news section of the system contains all the relevant information in the field of employment - from official events to analytics.

In order to quickly receive published news, the user can subscribe to their newsletter. The website has a responsive design that makes it easy to use from a variety of devices - computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets. It doesn't matter what resolution their display has - information will be displayed correctly on any screen.

It is impossible not to mention the operational support of users of the system - professional managers are always ready to provide the necessary assistance and answer any questions. Consultations are carried out by phone numbers or through a feedback form.

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