What Can Be Done On The Attic Floor Of A Log-house Bath: We Use The Usable Area Correctly

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What Can Be Done On The Attic Floor Of A Log-house Bath: We Use The Usable Area Correctly
What Can Be Done On The Attic Floor Of A Log-house Bath: We Use The Usable Area Correctly

For Russians, the bathhouse is a truly sacred place. Here you can relax in body and soul, chat with friends and achieve real peace - therefore, many people strive to build such a structure on their site. The log house of a bathhouse with an attic is very popular - they are comfortable, beautiful and allow you to use free space with benefit.


When it comes to using logs, this is the most popular and traditional material. To use the attic, of course, you need to take care of a good waterproofing of the second floor. But there are no difficulties with this - this type of building is very popular, and all masters know well how to equip an attic and prepare it for full use.

What can be done in the attic floor?

The size of the attic depends on the size of the bath itself - and its parameters are determined by the owner, depending on the wishes and area of the territory.

If this is a small room, then the choice is small - it is best to equip a small room for relaxation after taking a bath. But if both the bathhouse and the attic are relatively impressive in size, then the possibilities expand. Then you can equip on the second floor:

  • a small gym;
  • a room for children;
  • game room (for example, billiard room);
  • guest or additional bedroom;
  • home spa.

For the gym, one or two exercise machines, a punching bag, and a badminton table are enough - depending on which types of outdoor activities are preferable. For children, you can equip a variety of slides, climbing structures, a compact pool, etc. Billiard rooms are very popular, as well as rooms for playing poker and other entertainments. Many people like to have a good time to relax after a bath and do beauty treatments, in such cases a variety of massage tables, tanning devices, as well as well-equipped storage for care products will come in handy.

Also, on the attic floor, it is quite possible to make a full-fledged room in order to accommodate guests or just throw parties.

This, of course, is not the entire list of available options, it all depends on the owner's imagination. And, nevertheless, these options are the most popular. The main thing is to provide good protection from moisture and steam, especially if equipment connected to electricity is installed there.

A room in the attic is always useful - if none of the options works, you can simply use it to store the things you need in the household. In any case, there will always be benefits from it.

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