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Pritzker To Rogers
Pritzker To Rogers

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Video: Renzo Piano: the Pritzker Architecture Prize winner's first job in China 2023, February

The jury of the award noted the important contribution of Rogers to the architecture of the second half of the 20th century, the fact that many of his buildings became turning points in its development: the Center Pompidou in Paris (1971-1977), the London branch of the Lloyds company (1978-1986), Terminal 4 Madrid Barajas Airport (1997-2005). All of them demonstrate an original interpretation of the key idea of ​​modernism "building as a machine", while the architect explores in his work the problems of modern urban space, the function of the building as an element of the urban environment.

Also mentioned were the works of Rogers on the theory of architecture, his role in public life as an active supporter of the progressive development of the city - a complex social organism.

The 2007 award jury included Japanese architect Shigeru Ban, Vitra board chairman Rolf Felbaum, Italian architect Renzo Piano and others.

The Richard Rogers Award ceremony will take place on June 4 in London, at the famous Inigo Jones Banquet House. However, representatives of the Hyatt Foundation, the organizer of the award, note that the coincidence of the place of residence of the laureate and the place of the ceremony is accidental: the Banquet House was chosen by them even before the decision of the jury.

Rogers became the fourth Briton to receive the Pritzker Prize (after James Sterling (1981), Norman Foster (1999) and Zaha Hadid (2004)).

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