Shopping Center Near St. Paul's Cathedral

Shopping Center Near St. Paul's Cathedral
Shopping Center Near St. Paul's Cathedral

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The construction costing 200 million pounds will combine 20.5 thousand square meters. m of shops and 31.5 sq. m of offices. At the same time, the shopping center "One New Change" will be the largest of its kind in the center of the capital of Great Britain.

It is important that it will be located in one of the most valuable historical areas in London. Nouvel insists that his project will "establish dialogue" with Christopher Wren's cathedral, rather than disrupt its image.

The complex will consist of four parts, from its windows will open views of the architectural monument nearby. The central position inside will be occupied by a sculpture not yet chosen by the owners. There will be a walking area and an observation deck on the roof; it is slightly inclined so as not to obstruct the view of the cathedral.

Nouvel has never built in London before. According to him, his project should enrich the city with modernity, which is able to speak, reflect and highlight the heterogeneous nature of the environment.

The mall's architect was selected through an open architectural competition.

The rector of St. Paul's Cathedral and the city authorities have already approved the plan.

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