Scottish Parliament Wins Sterling Award

Scottish Parliament Wins Sterling Award
Scottish Parliament Wins Sterling Award

Video: Scottish Parliament Wins Sterling Award

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Video: A hell of a fight in Scottish Parliament over education 2023, February

The judges appreciated the undoubted originality of the project, its compliance with the philosophy and role of the Parliament of Scotland, the elegant landscape design of the surrounding area, which made it possible to connect the complex with the nearby historical monuments and the natural environment. The lobby, conference rooms and main meeting room were also noted as unusually good meeting facilities.

During the design and construction, the authors, the Spanish bureau EMBT, had to withstand criticism both for the uniqueness of the project and for its scope: the construction was completed only three years later than planned and for an amount 11 times more (431 million pounds sterling) originally assigned. At the same time, this new building symbolizes the return of self-government to Scotland after a centuries-long hiatus, and therefore was greeted with enthusiasm by the public.

The announcement ceremony for the Stirling Prize was held at the Royal Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh, where RIBA President Jack Pringle presented a check for £ 20,000 to Benedetta Tagliabue, representing EMBT.

The award, named after architect James Sterling, is being presented for the tenth time this year.

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