Hamburg Philharmonic Acquires Corners

Hamburg Philharmonic Acquires Corners
Hamburg Philharmonic Acquires Corners

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Video: The Elbphilharmonie: Hamburg's new concert hall | Architecture | Showcase 2023, February

All changes in the project are caused by the wishes of the residents of the city. As a result, the number of parking spaces in the old wharf warehouse, which serves as the basis for the new building, has been reduced. Instead, there will be a “Voiced Museum” for children, additional utility and technical premises for the Philharmonic, and two roof terraces.

The interior of the main concert hall has been redesigned with advice from renowned acoustics expert Yasuhisa Toyota. As in the Berlin Philharmonic building, all 2,150 seats will be placed around the orchestra, with the undulating shapes of the interior becoming more "angular and clear". From 1,700 seats, a direct view of the stage will open up; representatives of the Philharmonic Society especially insisted on this condition.

The glass walls of the building became single-layer instead of two-layer, which was suggested by the early version of the project. The building will be part of the complex of the newly built harbor area of ​​Hamburg, now called Hafen City. It will be located right next to the water.

Construction should start in January 2007 and end in 2009.

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