Overseas Project Of Developers From Kazakhstan

Overseas Project Of Developers From Kazakhstan
Overseas Project Of Developers From Kazakhstan

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Video: Kazakhstan implements new projects to develop transit potential. Qazaq TV News 2023, February

The building at 1 Bloor Street will be one of the tallest buildings in the city: the current record holder, the tower at 1 Canadian Square, reaches a height of 300 m (72 floors).

Until now, Bazis International has been successfully operating in the real estate market of Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Russia. Her assets include buildings in Astana, Moscow, St. Petersburg. In Toronto, she was attracted by the very low compared to the world average prices for real estate, in particular for housing.

Therefore, instead of a three-storey brick house at a crossroads in the city center, by 2011 there will be a complex with a boutique hotel for 120 rooms and 500 luxury apartments. As the foundation for the tower, a three-story podium will be erected, where an elite shopping center will open.

The only objections that Toronto residents have about this $ 450 million project have to do with its architectural design. It is in charge of local architect Roy Varacalli, and its preliminary design features a faceless structure typical of Dubai or Shanghai with a claim to elegance and modernity. But while the development of the project has not yet been completed, one can hope for a more favorable result.

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