BIM: All Dots Above I

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BIM: All Dots Above I
BIM: All Dots Above I

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On April 26, St. Petersburg will host the III Forum "RosTIM" dedicated to Russian information modeling technologies in construction.

ASCON, Renga Software, 1C and other domestic developers will show the benefits of working on a construction project in a digital environment, present a promising comprehensive BIM solution based on Russian products and tell where the BIM locomotive is leading the construction industry! In 2017, the RosTIM forum, organized by ASCON and Renga Software in Moscow and Yekaterinburg, initiated a professional dialogue between representatives of the construction industry, Russian software developers and regulatory agencies. In 2018, the time has come to translate this dialogue into a practical plane. It's time for developers to show the results of plans outlined in 2017, to architectural bureaus, design and engineering departments of enterprises, development and construction companies that are already familiar with the BIM concept - to share their experience in using new IT tools. Well, for those for whom BIM is still a complete mystery, it is necessary to get acquainted with the technology and examples of its implementation.


Maxim Nechiporenko, Deputy General Director of Renga Software:

“Today everyone around is talking about digital production, about the digital economy. In the construction industry, BIM (Information Modeling) technologies are becoming the main guide to this digital future. As is always the case with progressive phenomena, there is a lot of noise around BIM, and participants in the construction industry have to somehow navigate this noise. It is necessary to track the government's plans for BIM, analyze the advantages and disadvantages of systems available on the market (and generally figure out what is really "BIM" and what is marketing), assess the risks for your own business when switching to new technologies. The RosTIM Forum was created specifically for industry representatives to dot the i's: exchange knowledge in the field of information modeling, share experience, get acquainted with developers' proposals and express their ideas for software development. It is very important that all participants in the industrial and civil construction market understand what value the BIM concept has for business and, most importantly, how it can be implemented now, using domestic software products. We, Russian developers, are not yet setting trends in the field of information modeling, but our task is much more utilitarian - to listen to the needs of design organizations, developers, developers and promptly translate their needs into our solutions. " *** Forum participants "RosTIM" will be able to learn about the current actions and intentions of the Ministry of Construction of the Russian Federation on the implementation of BIM / TIM in construction, hear comments from relevant departments on the implementation of the requirements of the state examination, receive advice on BIM standards and their application in Russian realities from BIM experts.

Vendors will show how domestic IT developments for architecture and construction contribute - separately and in a single BIM-contour - to shorten the project implementation time, reduce its cost, increase the efficiency of the organization by reducing errors at the design stage, during the installation of structures, cost overruns of construction materials, rational use of resources. During the plenary and working sections, it will be possible to get acquainted with different groups of IT tools, depending on the tasks to be solved.


Architectural and structural design: the first Russian BIM systems Renga Architecture and Renga Structure from Renga Software for architectural and construction design and design of the structural part of buildings and structures, intelligent design technology MinD based on KOMPAS-3D.

Calculations (CAE): systems of analysis and calculation of building structures SCAD Office, SP LIRA, APM Civil Engineering, STARKON.

Estimated data: programs for the formation of estimate documentation according to the data of the Renga 1C model: Estimates 3 and ABC4.

Design management, expertise in electronic form: Pilot-ICE Enterprise project management and collective project management system, Rubius Project Manager project management and control system.

Master plan, roads, external networks: CREDO software complex for processing engineering surveys, creating a digital terrain model, generating topographic plans, designing external engineering communications, geodetic support of construction work.

Development, management of a construction organization, operation: industry solution Management of a construction organization on the 1C: ERP platform, 1C: PM Project management, 1C: Estimates for calculating construction estimates based on an information model as part of an industry solution, the StroyControl mobile application for remote control of construction.

The program of the event will be updated and supplemented - follow the news of the event!

Technical and IT directors, heads of engineering departments and leading specialists of design organizations, builders and developers are invited to participate in the forum and industry discussions. BIM is not a concept of the digital future; it is powerful and affordable IT products that can take the design and construction business to a qualitatively new level today. Join the "RosTIM" forum!

Location: St. Petersburg, Congress Center "PetroCongress", st. Lodeynopolskaya, 5

Participation in the forum is free. Registration is required

Registration for the event is open on the website until April 23

Contacts of the organizing committee of the forum "RosTIM"

Phone: +7 (812) 703-39-34

E-mail: [email protected]

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