Wallhof Wall Panels - Assistance To Architects And Partner Program From The Manufacturer

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Wallhof Wall Panels - Assistance To Architects And Partner Program From The Manufacturer
Wallhof Wall Panels - Assistance To Architects And Partner Program From The Manufacturer

Video: Wallhof Wall Panels - Assistance To Architects And Partner Program From The Manufacturer

Video: Wallhof Wall Panels - Assistance To Architects And Partner Program From The Manufacturer
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For several years the factory "Wallhof" successfully manufactures high quality fire resistant wall and ceiling panels for interior decoration. The use of modern technologies and specialized equipment makes it possible to organize the production and supply of finishing materials with high technical and technological parameters. Well-built processes of the production cycle and a well-thought-out logistics system allow keeping prices for products below their foreign counterparts.

About products

The assortment of the offered products of the factory "Wallhof" is quite wide and allows you to choose a solution for finishing any type of interior. For example, the presented line of veneered panels https://wallhof.ru/production/walls/wood is an excellent alternative to solid wood finishing materials. Natural veneer has practically identical decorative parameters, but surpasses traditional materials in ease of installation and cost of production. Fine-line veneer allows you to get a uniform coating without whitening and other flaws in natural wood.

Among the positive characteristics of the panels Wallhof indicators such as:

High mechanical strength of the panels. The base, made on the basis of gypsum fillers and modern binders, provides high tensile strength and deformation

The outer coating provides additional strength.

For example, HPL. HPL plastic is made by hot pressing under high pressure layers of natural cellulose. To obtain a solid, monolithic surface, resins are used, the physical and chemical characteristics of which make it possible, under the influence of high temperatures, to change the structural composition of cellulose at the molecular level. The durable outer layer ensures the vandal-resistant properties of the finished coating.

  • Environmental Safety. Environmental expertise and medical research carried out fully confirm the safety class of the products offered. Panels offered by the factory "Wallhof" can be recommended for finishing clean rooms and rooms with special requirements (clinics, hospitals, laboratories, as well as children's, preschool and educational institutions).
  • High rate of fire resistance. Wall panels Wallhof, according to the degree of fire resistance, belong to the KM1 class. The relevance of the certificates can be checked on the official website of the Federal State Statistics Service of the Russian Accreditation Agency.

KM1 includes materials with a reduced degree of flammability of the material, which do not support combustion and do not contribute to the spread of fire. They are distinguished by a low coefficient of manifestation of smoke gas contamination and a reduced indicator of the presence of toxic compounds in smoke.

  • Decorative component. Bright colors and shades or stylization of the external surface to resemble natural materials add color to the products, and provide an opportunity to implement the most daring design ideas in the interior decoration of premises. Metallized surface (gold, silver, steel), stylized wood, including varieties of exotic species (zebrano, ebony) or natural natural stones will enrich and give solidity and comfort to any interior.
  • Any sizes and shapes. When placing an order for the supply of wall panels, it is possible to produce and supply samples of products of both standard sizes, rectangular panels, and non-standard shapes (triangle, rhombus, hexagon). The latter option is optimal for the development of individual solutions, non-standard design.

The quality of products and the offered additional services allow the factory to be considered one of the leading domestic manufacturers in the field of production and supply of wall and ceiling panels.

Design assistance

The company's specialists provide consulting and practical services in the development of design projects (development of drawings for your project with a drawing of all nodes and junctions), carry out an individual selection and manufacture of products in accordance with the already approved characteristics of finished projects. It is possible to manufacture samples to order for visualization of the final result in vivo (demo model). It is possible to develop non-standard parts, for example, elements with bends.

The company has a profitable partnership program for architects

On the site you can download ready-made drawings with attachment points and installation diagrams.

More information on related services and information on cooperation can be found on the website wallhof.ru in the "Architects" section.

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