Suburban Real Estate Architecture: Modern Features

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Suburban Real Estate Architecture: Modern Features
Suburban Real Estate Architecture: Modern Features

Video: Suburban Real Estate Architecture: Modern Features

Video: Suburban Real Estate Architecture: Modern Features
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Modern residents of megalopolises increasingly prefer the comfort of suburban life and buy real estate within transport accessibility of the city. This is an opportunity to change the environment, recharge with the energy of nature, disconnect from work issues. Some buy plots with ready-made cottages, others prefer to build their dream home according to a modern architectural project. Moreover, designers offer a lot of options for projects in different styles.

Main directions and styles

A country house must meet the requirements of modern comfort, functionality, as well as the aesthetic preferences of the owner of the property. An individual project house looks refined and elegant. Before ordering a house project, it is worth deciding on the style of architectural construction. Today, there are several key areas in suburban architecture:

  • classic style;
  • French provence;
  • Swiss chalet (stylized as a house in the mountains);
  • country style (American ranch);
  • Victorian style (stylized medieval architecture);
  • rustic style;
  • Scandinavian minimalism;
  • constructivism and deconstructivism;
  • postmodernism;
  • loft (stylized as a non-residential building, factory, for example);
  • colonial style (American-Canadian houses);
  • ECO-TEK (BIO-TEK) (use of natural materials, natural colors);
  • barnhouse (at the junction of three styles: eco, minimalism and Scandinavian);
  • Finnish style (natural materials, panoramic glazing).

This is not a complete list of styles. Architects often suggest mixing different styles. Such areas as constructivism, postmodernism, loft, Scandinavian and colonial styles. It is quite easy to implement a project in the style of minimalism, especially when it comes to frame houses. The construction is carried out quickly, and at the same time the housing is reliable and durable.

It is necessary to understand that it is worth not only blindly following fashion, but also thinking about the prospects. The house should be not only stylish, but also practical. For suburban life, the use of natural materials is optimal when building a cottage. At the same time, wood needs high-quality protection from the adverse effects of the environment, as well as ensuring safety (increasing fire resistance).

When creating a house project, it is also worth considering heat and noise insulation, energy conservation, and communications. Although panoramic windows look beautiful, this option is not always justified. That is why it is often better to use ready-made projects that meet the requirements of practicality and functionality.

How to build a custom house

If you want to build a house on an individual project, it is better to contact a trusted company that has existed in the construction market for a long time. In this case, you can choose a ready-made version from the catalog. It is possible to make changes to the finished project, taking into account the preferences of the customer. The manager proposes a typical project, and then works on its modernization.

The company "Good Homes" offers a whole range of services related to the construction of a country cottage, preparation of a plan, communications, registration of real estate, as well as interior design, finishing, landscape design of the site, expertise, etc. This is an opportunity to get a full range of services, applied to one organization.

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