General Director Of "ZINCO RUS" Took Part In The Online Discussion

General Director Of "ZINCO RUS" Took Part In The Online Discussion
General Director Of "ZINCO RUS" Took Part In The Online Discussion

Video: General Director Of "ZINCO RUS" Took Part In The Online Discussion

Video: General Director Of "ZINCO RUS" Took Part In The Online Discussion
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General Director of "ZINCO RUS" took part in the online discussion

Leading experts from the construction industry gathered to discuss the introduction of a national standard for green roofs. The event was organized by the National Roofing Union and TECHNONICOL.

On June 1, the National Standard GOST R 58875-2020 “Greened and Operated Roofs of Buildings and Structures. Technical and environmental requirements”, which was developed with the direct participation of experts from TECHNONICOL, NRU MGSU, and the National Roofing Union.

The document defines a list of requirements for materials that are used for greening roofs, including substrates and plants, and also regulates the characteristics of building materials. The innovations relate to both the design and construction, repair, reconstruction and operation of green and operated structures on the roofs of buildings and structures of various purposes throughout Russia.


The event was attended by:

Alexey Arabov, Head of the TECHNONICOL Engineering and Technical Center

Ilya Mochalov, architect, general director of Ilya Mochalov and Partners LLC

Andrey Benuzh, head of the Green Standards REC, NRU MGSU, secretary of the PC 01 subcommittee of the TC 366 Technical Committee.

Alexey Veinsky, General Director of Tsinko Rus.

The guests of honor of the online discussion were:

Alexey Mikhailovich Voronin, head of the roof insulation department of the Central Research Institute of Industrial Buildings;

Alexandra Viktorovna Peshkova, Deputy Head of Roof Insulation Department, Central Research Institute of Industrial Buildings

Alexey Veinsky, General Director of Tsinko Rus, drew the attention of those present to the fact that this regulatory document can be very useful in defending specific decisions in the state examination bodies. With it, the designer has a chance to avoid the development of STU and save time and effort on this. He also noted that greened and operated roofs are one of the most complex types of roofs in terms of their technical solution, and that when designing and building them, it is especially important to turn to professionals in their field.

He also noted an interesting trend - the growing interest in greening the roofs of city schools and kindergartens. Children need space and fresh air, and in the center of a metropolis every square meter is worth its weight in gold. At the same time, access to walking areas should be limited for "outsiders" for the safety of children. "Green" roofs, which can only be accessed from inside the premises, are excellent for this purpose.

Alexey Veinsky also answered a number of questions on various aspects of the design and installation of green and operated roofs.

The event concluded with an inspiring video featuring a gorgeous green property, the High Line City Gardens in West Manhattan. For 2 km, this urban garden-bridge is complemented by benches, footpaths, lawns, ponds, numerous recreation areas with spectacular views, from where panoramas of the Hudson River and the Chelsea region open up.

The project is based on the German technology ZinCo for roof gardening, which made it possible to plant over 200 plant species 10 meters above the ground.

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