A Grand Affair! Overseas Property Exhibition In Moscow

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A Grand Affair! Overseas Property Exhibition In Moscow
A Grand Affair! Overseas Property Exhibition In Moscow

Video: A Grand Affair! Overseas Property Exhibition In Moscow

Video: A Grand Affair! Overseas Property Exhibition In Moscow
Video: Moscow International Property Show | Spring 2019 2023, March

Once again, an international exhibition of overseas real estate will be held in Moscow. It will take place in April 2021, where each of the visitors will be able to find out about current offers on the overseas property market.

What do we know about a real estate exhibition?

So, to get acquainted with developers and real estate agencies from different countries, it is enough to visit an international exhibition. Available on it:

  • Get information about options for investment in real estate abroad.
  • Get discounts and additional offers from realtors and real estate agencies.
  • Attend professional presentations that target both real estate novices and professionals and seasoned investors.

The task of such an exhibition is to familiarize visitors with current offers from developers and agencies in 30 countries of the world. By visiting the exhibition, you can learn about all the advantages that arise when purchasing apartments abroad: both from private buyers of real estate and from experienced investors.



These are well-known and strong companies with a high index of confidence among investors and buyers. About 100 of the best time-tested companies and, as a rule, from more than 30 countries of the world take part in each Moscow International Property Show. In this respect, the Moscow International Real Estate Show has no competitors.

One of the participants in the event is a Turkish license

real estate agency in Turkey - Status Property. The agency will participate in the exhibition together with the developer, whose real estate will be presented. By visiting the exhibition, you will learn about all the advantages that arise when purchasing an apartment in Turkey during the construction phase.

In addition, Status Property offers a 5% discount and an interest-free installment plan until the end of construction to all exhibitors

A detailed database of objects from the developer can be viewed on the company's website.


Everyone who visits this exhibition has the opportunity to discuss all the issues that may arise during the conclusion of a relevant contract for the purchase of property in Turkey with the head of the sales department Inna Veleva. You will be able to get all the necessary knowledge about Turkey and the possibilities of buying real estate in this country.

In addition, you can ask questions in the field of renting real estate, how to approach the choice of the region of Turkey for further residence and what you should pay attention to when submitting documents for the purchase or rental of property.

The participants of the exhibition are qualified specialists. Status Propertywho will provide all the necessary assistance and answer a number of questions:

  • Why is it worth considering investing in Turkish real estate?
  • How are the interests of a buyer of real estate in Turkey protected?
  • How much can you increase your own invested capital if you invest it in apartments?
  • How and how quickly can you get a residence permit in Turkey when buying real estate?
  • Is it safe to invest in Turkish property?
  • Is there a positive trend in apartment prices in Turkey?

It is difficult to describe Turkey in words, it is important to get information firsthand. This can be done only by visiting the country on your own or by attending an overseas real estate exhibition in Moscow.

If you want to purchase real estate abroad, become an investor in foreign real estate, then it is important to attend this event. After all, it is better to see everything with your own eyes than to hear from another person several times.

Attending an international real estate exhibition is an opportunity to meet leading real estate companies.

To attend the event, you need to fill out the form to receive a free e-ticket. For details, ask the managers of the company Status Property on their official website

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