Trump Revises WTC Project

Trump Revises WTC Project
Trump Revises WTC Project

Video: Trump Revises WTC Project

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Video: Donald Trump presents his proposal for World Trade Centre site 2023, February

American billionaire Donald Trump announced his intention to present an alternative version of the new World Trade Center complex in New York. He proposes to rebuild the twin towers, only slightly changing the design. It is proposed to add one floor, making the skyscrapers 111-storey, and also to make the curtain wall grate more prominent. The structure is also supposed to be strengthened.

Trump is hoping for the success of his venture due to the many problems that have arisen during the implementation of the Libeskind plan. The tycoon called the "Tower of Liberty" the latest "smart guy" project, a design that doesn't look good … and resembles a skeleton."

In this situation, it should be borne in mind that Trump is the largest real estate owner in the United States, and constantly implements projects of commercial high-rise buildings throughout North America, so his ideas, for all their absurdity, are backed by unlimited funds and authority.

It should be added that this is not the first such proposal: the organization Team Twin Towers a year ago also came up with the idea of ​​reproducing the old WTC project as a symbol of America's ability to rebirth after any disaster.

UPD: The project presented by Trump turned out to be a variant of Kenneth Gardner and Herbert Belton, leading Team Twin Towers. Read more …

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