One Country - Two Systems

One Country - Two Systems
One Country - Two Systems

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Video: What does ‘one country, two systems’ mean? 2023, February

After the 1948 war, all 900 of its inhabitants became refugees, and the abandoned settlement occupied by Israeli troops attracted the attention of artists in the 1950s, who began to set up their workshops there. Over time, the first Ain Hood developed into an important tourist attraction.

Former villagers founded a second Ain Hood near it, which existed illegally until recently. In 2004, it received the legal status of a settlement and an urban development plan developed by order of the state.

The organizers of the competition - representatives of the Palestinian Authority, scientists, architects, public figures - attempted to create an alternative development project for Ain Hood - a more viable one based on the rational use of resources. As a result, 107 architects from more than 30 countries took part in the competition "One Country - Two Systems".

The three winners in the "project" category will continue to develop their proposals, for this a special workshop will be set up in Ain Hood.

The "existence of an exile" of the Israelis of Dahlia and Khetsi Nachman-Farhi proposes to build a system of concrete walls in the village, separating the dwellings of one family from another, helping the settlement to blend into the landscape. This project also provides options for further expanding its area.

"Spatial justice" Sabine Horlitz and Oliver Clemens (Germany) propose to equalize the population density in Ain Hood and neighboring Israeli settlements: the territory of Ain Hood should increase by 3.5 hectares, a new school, a kindergarten, a municipal center, and public facilities will appear.

The "fusion" of the French bureau "AAA Team" is a variant of the connection between the old and the new Ain Hood through a dam connected to a rainwater harvesting system. The functions of the reservoir will be combined with tourist, fire-fighting and irrigation functions.


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