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Near-museum Life
Near-museum Life

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Video: LIFE BEYOND II: The Museum of Alien Life (4K) 2023, February

1, Museum Place continues the line of Daniel Libeskind, who designed both a museum and a residential complex for Denver for Denver, with beautiful views from the windows of this cultural institution. As an attractive feature of such housing, its ennobled "involvement" in the museum is positioned as a symbol of the art world, emerging on a territorial basis.

Now we are talking about complementing the ensemble of buildings of two architects with the structure of a third. The new Chipperfield building will include not only luxury apartments, but also an indoor club, shops and a contemporary art gallery. The architect's use of a predominantly white color connects the building not only with the nearby museum, but also with the neighboring area of ​​Ansley Park, where the oldest residential areas of Atlanta are located, built up, according to the tradition, painted white mansions.

The twelve-story building will have a total of about 80 luxury apartments ranging from 180 to 550 sq. m. The exhibition hall of the complex, on the contrary, will be designed for a wide range of local artists, their exhibitions will be held there with the support of local authorities.

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