Renzo Piano's Workshop Opened For Everyone

Renzo Piano's Workshop Opened For Everyone
Renzo Piano's Workshop Opened For Everyone

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Both exhibitions are dedicated to the work of renowned 20th century architect and Pritzker Prize winner Renzo Piano. He was invited by the administration of the museum to develop a large-scale project for the reconstruction of its complex, and in this regard, LACMA is holding a series of events telling about him and his work.

The exhibition features sketches, models, drawings, drawings, photographs, notes and architectural details. The curators tried to recreate at the exhibition the appearance and atmosphere of the Piano workshop in the vicinity of Genoa. It is organized according to the principle of the Renaissance "bottega" - a workshop where the younger ones study while helping the elders in their work.

The exposition of "selected projects" included the Pompidou Center in Paris, the Menil Collection Museum in Houston, Kensai International Airport in Osaka, the Piano Italian workshop itself and others. The organizers' attention was focused on the distinctive features of the architect's work: innovative construction methods, the use of new unexpected materials, the play of light and the wide inclusion in the project of natural lighting, lightness and transparency, a lively relationship between architecture and its natural surroundings.

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