International Competition For The Canary Islands

International Competition For The Canary Islands
International Competition For The Canary Islands

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Video: Introducing the Canary Islands 2023, January

Six large architectural firms have already presented their projects to the public in the form of a specially organized exhibition and a series of reports.

The aim of the competition projects is to more closely connect the city center and the harbor area, thereby increasing its attractiveness to tourists.

SANAA Tokyo bureau proposed to create an artificial island in the coastal waters and transform the entire area into a "city beach".

The project of the architect Carlos Ferrater from Barcelona has already been nicknamed the "World Trade Center": 90% of the area of ​​the quarter remains undeveloped, in contrast to the only high-rise building.

Rafael Moneo (Madrid) presented a fairly traditional plan, including a wide boulevard, keeping the already existing Catalina Park intact and offering a moderate building density.

Cesar Pelly (New York) sees the new area as a vast park with original buildings, aquatic life and a sports marina.

Ben van Berkel and UN Studio (Amsterdam) have proposed a star-shaped "Island of Light" with a social space, residential development and hotels for 1,200 tourists on the coast. And at the same time, 70% of the site will remain free.

Nicholas Grimshaw (London) focused on the ecological purity of the new quarter, proposing to establish a huge botanical garden there.

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