Stars Over New Orleans

Stars Over New Orleans
Stars Over New Orleans

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Video: WWE themes take over the streets of New Orleans 2023, February

They are Zaha Hadid, Reiser + Umemoto, Frank Gehry, Enrique Norten and Daniel Libeskind. They all work in partnership with various Louisiana workshops. The competition started on September 18 this year, when the New Orleans Building Corporation sent special invitations to the world's most famous architects, and also invited everyone to take part.

The budget of the competition is $ 500,000, and the task is to build new commercial buildings and cultural institutions, as well as a park and transport facilities on a 7.2 km long site on the northern shore of the Mississippi. Now there are mainly the ruins of docks and piers. There are also several hotels, a brewery, a congress center and an aquarium.

After the renovation, museums, a concert hall, a food university complex and cruise ship terminals will appear here.

The organizers of the competition hope that, as a result of their efforts, the quality of projects implemented in New Orleans will significantly improve.

The name of the winner will be announced on November 29, 2006.

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