Meeting Of The Joint Expert Working Group On January 18

Meeting Of The Joint Expert Working Group On January 18
Meeting Of The Joint Expert Working Group On January 18

Video: Meeting Of The Joint Expert Working Group On January 18

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Video: CLDE Executive Work Group meeting on Jan. 14, 2019. 2023, February

The project of a residential complex on Kutuzovsky, property 16 is supposed to be located in the floodplain of the Moskva River, on the site of a demolished factory of the 19th century, this is part of the so-called. "Big City", ennobled surroundings of MIBC. The complex consists of two modernist twin houses, 275 m high; a school, a kindergarten, sports facilities will be located nearby, along the embankment there will be a series of buildings that repeat the turn of the river. According to the plan, the complex should become the closest housing to the Moscow City under construction. The form-building concept was developed by Japanese architects and then transferred to the Arka workshop by S. B. Tkachenko. The territory of the complex is limited on one side by a backup of Kutuzovsky Prospekt, which will soon begin to be built, on the other side is the Filevskaya metro line. The location in close proximity to roads drew criticism from the working group from the point of view of ecology and sound insulation of the residential complex. On the other hand, experts noted the paradox of setting up such a large building, which, with its volume, transforms the entire environment and becomes a screen on which the views from the side of Kutuzovsky Prospekt and the view of the Church of the Intercession in Fili are closed. The group in its decision canceled the importance of the social program of the complex and its functions as part of the "Moscow mega-project", but the authors were offered to work on linking the building to such a complex place and the existing compositional and urban planning axes and, as a result, present their work at the city council.

The project for the placement of an office center at 2 Samotechny, 21/14 (State Unitary Enterprise "Mosproekt", architect Ya.D. Mukhamedkhanov) was re-considered. The place is the former territory of the Catherine Square, later it belonged to the Hermitage garden. The building is a round tower, complemented by a rounded "nose" that visually stops its movement. Within the visibility of the building, there are a number of high and high altitude points. The main issue was the urban planning justification for setting up such a large volume. The experts decided that, since the project was adopted at a higher level, it could be built here, but they expressed doubts about its office function in the central district.

The project of regeneration for the administrative purposes of the building at B. Strochenovskiy per., Vl. 24, p., 4 (OOO Kat, architect EA Lyubimov). The history of this place is as follows: there used to be a complex in one of the houses of which Sergey Yesenin lived. In Soviet times, they were demolished, and in 1992 the famous house was recreated, making it a museum of the poet. Now it is planned to build a small 3-storey brick building with an underground parking lot on the territory. The commission expressed its wishes to reflect the specifics of the Moscow courtyard environment, which in this place was distinguished by particular modesty, as well as to make a simple gable roof and move the building to the red line of Strochenovsky Lane.

At the meeting, the project of an office building at 12, Gorokhovsky lane, bldg. 5 was re-examined (ADM LLC, architect AS Romanov). As one of the experts noted, “in the version presented now, the facade of the building has become very interesting and quivering,” after which the group unanimously adopted the project.

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