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Aero Shopping
Aero Shopping
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The shopping complex, along with the already completed Terminal 1, belongs to the second phase of the reconstruction of the Hamburg airport ensemble. This is one of the largest projects of the architecture firm gmp, although it specializes in large-scale buildings.

The airport expansion process began back in 1986, when an architectural competition for the corresponding project was held. This stretch in time has made the task of architects more difficult: over the past twenty years, not only the technical requirements have changed, but also the economic situation.

But the formal solution remains attractive to this day: both buildings of the second stage continue the line of Terminal 2, which was commissioned in 1993, and are designed for 13 million passengers a year.

Both the terminal and the shopping center are covered with curvilinear roofs and flanked by rectangular volumes that visually link the entire ensemble into a single whole. The inner space of the shopping complex will always be flooded with light, thanks to the large glazing areas of both walls and ceilings.

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