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In this case, we are talking about a new TV tower for Tokyo. Its height should reach 610 m and, thus, break the record of the CN Tower in Toronto (553 m), which now holds the world leadership in height among technical structures.

The authors of the project are Tadao Ando and the sculptor Kiichi Sumikawa. The plan of the base of the future tower is triangular, but as the height increases, the building becomes circular in cross-section.

The customers for the construction are the six largest broadcasting companies in Japan, which hope that by 2011 - the time of completion - the New Tokyo TV Tower will be able to provide a dramatic increase in technical capabilities for both media companies and viewers. The old TV tower built in 1958 and 333 meters high is almost lost among the many skyscrapers of Tokyo, although it remains a popular attraction for tourists: about 2.5 million people visit it every year. After the new tower is put into operation, the old one will be used as an auxiliary and backup option.

The new building will be erected in the Sumida area, known for its "old Tokyo" flavor. Its design also includes two viewing platforms for tourists - at an altitude of 350 and 450 m.

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