Towns Of Stone, Towns By The Sea

Towns Of Stone, Towns By The Sea
Towns Of Stone, Towns By The Sea

Video: Towns Of Stone, Towns By The Sea

Video: Towns Of Stone, Towns By The Sea
Video: СТОУН ТАУН РЫБНЫЙ РЫНОК НАЙДЕН / Stone Town south coast no beaches 2023, May

The exhibition "Cities of Stone" is formed around the problem of cities created of stone and expressing the ideals of the Mediterranean building culture. Now they exist and continue to develop, and there are new buildings built in the traditional way, but this tradition is under threat. The curators of the exhibition are trying to oppose globalization and unification of architecture with the rich history of the region from antiquity to the present day. Much attention is paid to the profession of a bricklayer in the past and in the present.

The exhibition is preceded by an obelisk and a corrugated vault made of stone blocks. They showcase contemporary masonry and its capabilities.

The exposition itself is divided into three parts. Another Modernity tells about the stone architecture of the 1930s, buildings that appeared at that time throughout the Mediterranean, from Algeria to Thessaloniki, from Rhodes to the then founded cities of Italy and Libya, from Alexandria to Tirana.

"Stereotomic Architecture" (stereotomy - the art of modern stone teska) showcases two models of stone bridges for Venice.

Project South is dedicated to the results of an international competition for stone construction projects for cities in Southern Italy. Its winners will receive the Stone Lions, an award established in 1985 by Aldo Rossi when he hosted the Project Venice competition at the 3rd Architecture Biennale.

The independent section of the Biennale "City-Port" will open on October 15 in Palermo. It will be in four parts. “City-Port. New Urban Roads Maps”is an international exhibition of research projects of 15 ports on different continents, which focuses on urban plans that solve the problem of the coastal zone.

“City-Port. Big South”tells about 10 ports in Southern Italy, where attempts are being made to include the port itself in the overall structure of the city, to turn it from an industrial zone into a lively area with various buildings.

“City-Port. Palermo, Mediterranean”is dedicated to the experience of the Palermo authorities solving the same problem.

At the exhibition “City-Port. The Portus Architectural Prize exhibits the works of its laureates. This award is for architects, engineers and landscape designers under the age of 40, and honors projects for the renovation of harbor zones in cities in southern Italy.

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